A new raid boss

  • OP
  • underpower
  • needs a buff
  • needs a nerf

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  • balanced
  • OP
  • nerf
  • buff
  • underpower

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Is this the raid boss or the unlockable creature?

Did it an kind of Pachycephalosauridaformes? So then it cannot gain the Roar ability! It’s not a Tyrannosaurus Rex

It also says it is cunning but it only has sideflap, why sideflap?

If its the unlockable, change the moveset, if its the boss, boost it’s stats and change the moveset

ya i did not find sidestep so i did sideflap


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Just my concept for an apex pterosaur

And here is the boss variant

The raid will only last 2 rounds to prevent overpoweredness