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A New Season Begins! Dec 10, 2019

Greetings Adventurers! A new Battle Season has begun!

Now is the time to take stock of your current arena and favorite strategies, and make a move towards a new rank on the leaderboard and bigger Battle Chests for your rewards!

For players in the Leagues, a new Battle Season also means a trophy reset. At the start of the season, all players in the Leagues have their Trophy Counts reset, and then resume battling to enter new Leagues and earn additional League Chests.

After the trophy reset, players start the new season at a lower League rank, but immediately earn the appropriate League Chest(s) for their League.

The current reset values and rewards for each League are shown below:

Good luck!

Oh boy. New season means all the players with monster teams will be hammering lesser teams to pulp for the next two weeks. So Goodbye PVP for the next 2 weeks for me, alas…I do like the new holiday themed backdrop though.


I had assumed trophy count consolidation would result in the problem identified by wise1_forsure, however after participating in a number of battles since the reset, the vast majority of my matches have been against impregnable bots as opposed to weaker players. Only two of my matches have been true PvP; the rest were against very well-equipped bots. At 2750 trophies there should be many real opponents available. Perhaps they have proactively decided to increase the frequency of bot match-ups to curtail complaints about unbalancing.

However, the ongoing issue with over-equipped bots remains. Matches which last less than one-round are extremely execrable.

Kept getting matched with a fellow guild member. I think we the only humans playing atm. It looks like they “fixed” pvp by making everyone delete game. If no one plays, no one complains. Problem solved!

I can guarantee at least 300 people have fought in a pvp battle today ;-). Well unless Ludia is putting in fake people into the pvp standings

Wow a whole 300 smh…

Lol well that is just the 300 around me in pvp. I would guess that there are many more since I could only see places 1-10 and 306-603 all of them have played at least once since the reset. Anyone who is not sitting at exactly 2500 2750 3000… etc has to have fought at least once since the reset… and that has been what 12 hours

Sarcasm aside, you might be onto something with that fake people theory. Maybe it was only 30 real people lol

Yeah it is possible, unlikely but possible. If everyone was quitting then they’d be making no money, if they were making no money they’d be firing employees, if they fired employees at least one would be likely to fess up to them cheating everyone all of the time

Looks like 25 players went over 3500 so far

All of the ones I see are in between 2500-2750 range there are more on each side I couldn’t see

Idk how many got reset to 3500 to begin with. 8 at 3500. Looks like handful more took loses and dropped

Yeah hard to say… anyone between 3250 and 3500 could be a drop down from resetting at 3500 or raised up from 3000 or 3250… my guess would be that this early, the closer someone is to a higher league the more likely they lost a few

@Mkb617 you posted the same analysis I was going to haha… I do wonder about the fake people thing too. Then I got matched with @Tyr so I know there’s some real people there :joy:

saarvin will sacrifice a couple virgins to the rng gods. Before the rematch :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah I have come up against @Turbotarry once a few weeks back and I got demolished by standing warrior a few times before they fixed the 2000 trophy mismatches