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A new Season better NOT be coming soon:



Strong down vote :-1:t4:


It could just be a copy paste… like this weekends strike event… but honestly i think there is gonna be a patch late in the month with a new season starting right after… two weeks between seasons seems to be there goal.


Please let us have a decent break between events!


May be @Evicton… but I would expect a 7-figure company to be beyond copy/pasting. I’d expect there to be more capable hands on deck


Oh, there’s a lot I’d expect from this company - too bad none of it ever happens.


We have both been here long enough to know better… i again refer to the identical strike event being used back to back two weekends in a row. I would expect them to have atleast mixed the event up. But pocemon says there is only one 7 step strike event for immune creatures in the game. They couldnt even have been bothered to mix up the creatures


The Strike Tower And themed events are neither here nor there in my opinion. I’m glad they’re a regular thing (and they definitely need to stay this way) but originally they were both meant to be temporary.

Tournaments on the other hand are just annoying now

-Top #350 out of whatever hundreds of thousands

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I hope in patch 10.6, separate battle system will be introduced.


As I posted in other thread, there are many changes needed to tournaments:

"Tournaments are one big mess.

  1. They should make an ingame countdown for start/end of tournament.

  2. After reaching higher rewards requirement for first time, there should be notification.

  3. Rewards should change with each tournament, not just guaranteed DNA. There is no point for top players to compete for same rewards over and over again. Gap between top players and others just rises with each tournament.

  4. Competitive form/bracket for tournaments. In every game I played there are special forms for any competition. There should be elimination form where players with lowest trophies starts first and each round more and more players from higher arenas join. Trophies don’t need to be reset.

  5. Obviously must have is sign in option for tournaments. Possibly can be even some minor entry fee (1000 coins or 10 cash). That way only those who have intention to compete, will join.

These are just some basics. There are also bugs that need to be fixed."


Soon is a relative term. Maybe this time they mean ‘bug fix soon’, which means we shouldn’t have another for like 6 months at least…




Tournaments here are pretty much a copy of clash royales season… and they even started calling them that… with a cpl big caveats
The biggest one being that in clash royale you recieve a reward for highest place earned during the season not where you end… rewards at the top end arent quite as generous though.

There are no off seasons their one season ends the next one starts…

Of course clash has a bunch of other stuff to do when your burned out on ladder and thats the real issue here. Its ladder or nothing.


If that’s the case, you’d think they could come up with a more professional term than “cheater”. Sounds more like something you’d hear on a playground at school.