A new strike event with 3 rewards (add final wave opponent data)


The T-rex Gen2 event is still out there, but now it seems a new advanced T-rex Gen2 strike event happened on some supply points.
It got 7 battles, with 3 times of rewards.

Strike event fierce creatures looks good

Same, with guaranteed T-Rex (Epic) DNA.


Here’s the final wave opponent data.

Yes,contain T-rex DNA is good.
But the other benefit is, it might give you Irritator DNA!
Got about 485 Irritator DNA from final reward.


Much more battles really nice prize it seems. Screenshot_20180808-150045


I complained about the 3 battle.
The 7 was brilliant. Totally made my day.


I was happy enough.


Hm, guess I’ll really have to hunt around more. I completed a normal one.


You Can do both Angela :wink:


Oh, I can do other levels too? I really will have to look! Any special place where the blue one spawns?


Both strike event supply spots (3 battles & 7 battles) exist on map in the same time.

You can check the duration, 3 battles left 21h, and 7 battles got 4d 21h.


what or which dinos are best to use to battle this strike event?


Whatever you want, really, they’re only Lv6. I would go with some strong and fast like Gorgosuchas, but you could get away with any Tyrannosaur too.


Okay, I’ll have to really hunt then!


I think Einiasuchus is a good & simple choice. Faster than most of them. (only slower than Irritator)
Also, these opponents got shield crush attack, so don’t use those tank dinos.
(Einia isn’t really shield tank, so will be fine.)

And you could add some raptors to end up those your Einia unable to knock out.


Woo-hoo. I’m hitting one today. :slight_smile:


I could really use some Irritator dna asap. Nearly lvl 15, but not quite there yet :frowning:


Guys did this already just take a lvl 13 pyroraptor and one other lvl 10 raptor and sweep it that’s all you need to beat the rare arena. :wink:


The raptor still has a purpose! Yay!!


Alright, finished this Event easily … V-Raptor almost soloed it.

Common/Rare DNA was lame, mostly Allosaurus and Gorgosaurus … but the first Incubator dropped random 30x T-Rex DNA and the 2nd some guaranteed T-Rex. So not too bad at all.


This is a most DNA T-Rex in event?