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A new strong amphibian hybrid

We need a new op amphibian we only have gorgosuchus so we should get a new amphibian that’s strong like segnosuchus or metriaphodon or at least a good s hybrid

Achantogyrhinus = achantostega level 40 +Proterogyrhinus level 40
4230 health
4120 attack

Kaproceratops = kaprosuchus gen 2 + sinoceratops level 40
5890 health
3890 attack

Einiops = einiosaurus level 40 + Eryops level 40
9540 health
2100 attack

Koolastega = koolasaurus level 40 + Ichtyostega s dna
8650 health
4970 attack

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Wayyy to weaker for a Leg S-Hyb mate!

Yes gonna give it a 4900 attack

Grypokentrus (Kentrosaurus+Gryposuchus)

Ok this makes sense

They could make grylenken from jwa

I think an Eryops hybrid should be stronger than pteraquetzal but weaker in health

Ostaposuchus=Ostaposaurus+koolasuchus S-DNA
11295 health
4384 attack
3900 S-DNA to fuse and 1950 to buy

Depends what it makes the hybrid with