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A new team, thnx to Ludia


It all happened so fast with the last 2 events. I couldve also unlocked Erlidominus but I only had 2 attempts after spending 3 on Diorajasaurs.


Also so much money from the treasure hunt, it only takes a few moments to spend it all away XD


Well done solid team. It doesn’t take long to spend them coins


I literally just spent all of the money I earned today to level up Monominus to level 19.


For the Utarinex, I dont know what happened but before I was able to dart it in the event, I beat one of the epic towers, and instead of 2 epic dinosaurs, i got only one epic (i think it was 300 spinotahraptor) and then 15 unique.


Nice i got 100k back i used about 400k over the last week


Oh snap!! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Haha i still need to level thor and then tryko in the next week but not enough coin


Utasino for dioraja will do you good

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“THE RAT”,“Thor” and “Alita” in the same team is a good choice


Alita? 1010

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you know which one is it though?


Nop sorry, that’s why I asked. I saw it in another post today and I have no idea




Oh cool, and why?


Alita’s berserker body is black just as the indoraptor’s skin

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But the Indoraptor is a male. Not a female


as someone said in a thead about this, IT DOESN’T MATTER