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A New top tiers amphibian hybrid: the fall of indoraptors

Baryonyx is one of the lame VIP dino i propose an amphibian hybrid for him . Since there is a lack of top tiers amphibian , i propose an amphibian hybrid betwen mastodontosaure and Baryonyx to create a top tiers amphibian hybrid

So why do you want to see Indoraptor’s downfall? :crazy_face: Also, Baryonyx is not any “lame” dinosaur. It is a pretty good balanced carnivore.


A vip hybrid creature is unfair in my opinion because it would be only an access to vips and not normal players


Once again, how does that make sense? Some VIP creatures like OP mentioned Baryonyx and Mastodonsaurus are very much available to non-VIPs so obtaining copies would not be an issue.

I will agree however with that sentence on context of the VIP exclusive creatures like Tarbosaurus and Stygimoloch.

Because it would take like a year for non vips to get them from the pack without buying anything in the shop

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Besides i think a limited or legendary s hybrid amphibian would do the job as well

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With effort and self control you can easily save up for the 20K packs, or wing the 10K packs and get lucky. What matters is that it is accessible.

Speaking of the one year bit, yeah this is JWTG. Some of us Post Reshuffle players had to wait almost a year to max stuff like Euoplocephalus and Metriorhynchus. We will have to be patient on certain things.

Yes. But in my opinion we don’t even need a vip hybrid to counter indoraptor. A super hybrid for ostaposaurus or koolasaurus would be enough


I was thinking ostaposaurus with koolasuchus DNA making ostaposuchus
10026 health
4600 attack
3900 koolasuchus DNA to fuse
1950 to buy in market

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Megalosuchus would be kinda nice to see.


Yes but it’s gonna be a long time till we get limited s hybrids

What do you mean by limited? You mean Tournament creatures?

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Yes. Probably

Yes i do. It’s just how i call them

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Oh ok. Good to know

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