A New Type of Ablilty

I was thinking, what if there was a type of move that doesn’t damage to the opponent, but instead of making you swap out, it makes them swap out instead like in Pokémon? It also bypass most swap preventing abilities like No Escape just so the meta doesn’t get too weird

That would be interesting although it may be a bit overpowered. Let’s say your opponent has a creature at low health and a creature at decent health that is currently battling. You use the move and then your opponent will have to switch back in to their good health creature which you can use the opportunity to get a lot of good damage off

I was actually thinking about that and decided to change it to no damage, and it can bypass swap preventing moves just so it has a use.

I had two custom attacks like that, called Tossing Impact and Tossing Rampage. Basically reverse versions of Impact/Rampage And Run.

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I like this, would it be a random creature that gets selected? It’s pretty high risk high reward, you could either get your opponent’s low hp creature in, or you could get smacked by a swapper. I would also give it negative priority so that something fast couldn’t spam this move to stall


Actually really interesting concept

I just realized this could be a cool ability for the rhinos to have. They don’t really have anything special except for Shielded Taunting Strike, which is just another standard shield move.

I think the moves from Pokémon that can do that are Roar and Whirlwind

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Dragon Tail has the effect as well.