A new type of event

I’ve thought of this for a bit and thought of a kind of coolish idea for a new event. It might sound a bit complicated, so I’ll try and explain it as best as I can.
The creature in the event is my hybrid Monojara, but if could be any new hyrbid really, so yeah here we go.

Beasts from above

This event lasts 2 weeks and you can only compete of your are Sorna marshes or above. During week one, as well as the regular event schedule, you will get a chance to catch Galimimus (6 attempts per day) Tapejara ( 2 attempts per day) and Monolophosaurus( 2 attempts per day). There will also be one strike daily to get these creatures, bit they would be at least orange difficulty. You are guaranteed all components in the strike Incubators, but the amount changes on the type of Incubator. If by the end of week 1 you have a level 20 Monomimus and a level 20 tapejara, you can then compete in the 5 step battle event, rule the sky. This is not a strike and is found in the battle menu the same way you find the tournament. Step one of the battle is a lv 21 Mobojara, step two is lv 23 Monojara. Step three lv 23 Monojara, lv 20 Monomimus and lv 20 tapejara. Step 4, lv 26 Monojara, Monomimus and Tapejara and step 5 is lv 30 Monojara, Monomimus and Tapejara.

There are also rewards for this event. They are not culminative though. If you finish having completed step 1, you get 100 Tapejara, 100 Monolopho and 1000 Gali. Finish at step 2 basic Monojara fusion incubator, containing 50 Monomimus and 200 Tapejara. Step 3 is advanced fusion Incubator containing 200 Monomimus and 800 Tapejara. Step 4 basic Monojara collection incubator which contains 100 Monojara, 250 Monomimus and 1000 Tapejara and finally step 5 which is advanced Monojara collection containing 250 monojara, 350 Monomimus and 1400 Tapejara.

Some might think this event is too OP, but I think it could be cool fun idea, oh and of course the event ignores all boosts Of course Monojara isn’t a in-game hybrid and I doubt it will ever be, so it would work with any new 1.8 hybrid
What does everyone think about bsi idea. Could it work? Would it be fun?


The PvE elements of this sound fun. :slight_smile:

Dont think I would join any PvP aspects but would be a welcome addition none the less.

But there isn’t any PVP in it

I want giant dino raids. Don’t think a PoGO style meetup in person way would fare well, but rather a matchmaking thing and you get 1 free ticket a day.

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Oh i misunderstood then, thought this was a sort of tournement that you entered once you had reached the PvE requirements.

My bad. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah no PVP required. It’s supposed to be a kind of fun challenge that you have to do without boosts

Sounds fun :slightly_smiling_face: I need some fun, game is getting pretty frustrating lately.

That would be cool yeah

Also, though the rewards may seem quite high, in reality, you would have to work quite hard to get them.

monojara looks like this

And has
3000 health
1530 attack
129 speed
0 armour
5 crit

Nulifying strike
Distracting impact
Distracting Rampage
Evasive flight (priority 75% chanve to dodge damage for 3 turns cooldown 3)
Swap in dodge

Tapejara has
Health 3000
Attack 1400
Speed 128
0 armour
5 crit

Defence shattering strike
Defence Shattering Impact
Evasive flight
Swap in dodge