A new type of flock

First and foremost this is an idea I saw in the past.

We all know flocks existed in the wild naturally however we don’t have any larger creatures that have a flock ability.
For example there were also medium sized carnivores that existed (not that I can name any) and so for the next update I think it would be a good idea to add flocks of 2 instead of 3 for larger creatures that would be fierce instead of cunning. This would add a lot more variety to flock creatures and add more variety to the game and open up a lot more pathways.
If anyone can name any creatures that could be a 2 flock Dino it would be greatly appreciated!:grin:


we actually know more about group hunting in the larger theropods, there is nothing to prove the small therapods such as velociraptor or deinonychus ever hunting in packs or using coordinated pack mentality. thats something that has just been assumed from some fossils


At the very least, we can make them in JwA Toolbox lol

Or Paleo.gg :rofl: