A new type of hybrid

With 2.12 comes JWA first fusable apex. I have no idea what type of hybrid this could be because it is made of a super hybrid(testa) and the new bear hybrid. It’s not a super hybrid so what type of hybrid is it.


I’ve seen some calling it Mega-Hybrid.

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That could be what type of hybrid it is.

I wonder if the fusion of s hybrids could lead to fusing legendary and epic s hybrids

Say its a smart move by ludia actually, gives them enough time to work on the next update or even be working on 3.0.
I don’t think anybody will get this new apex until late December/early January time but if they get it earlier fair play.:sweat_smile:

But I do feel like Indo gen 3 is a high possibility now being fussed from indo gen 1 and 2 to create an apex variant.

an apex indo would be butal. It would have good resistances, decent attack, cloak, and probably mutual fury.

the name should be hyper-hybrid.

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Ultra-hybrid, Mega-hybrid, Hyper-hybrid… Whatever you wanna call it.

We would need a new indominus for an apex indo unless they decide to also make an apex indominus gen 3

Trykopyritor:Trykosaurus and Magmapyritor

Its mega hybrid.

Spoiler Alert: It was Artctovasilas

Now it would be Apex

It’s Mega Hybrid