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A new type of mechanic idea, as well as a way to counter overboosted dinos without changing boosts

I’ve actually suggested this before, but I’m pretty sure practically no one took notice. But this time I’m going to combine a few of my ideas, and give a more comprehensive explanation.

Okay, so basically, a creature’s HP stat is the only one that actually changes in battle right? Since it can be damaged, this has nothing to do with negative effects or Immunity.
While attack and speed can be buffed/debuffed, that only changes the effective attack/speed, not the attack/speed stat itself.

So I suggest a new mechanic wherein a creature can damage the opponent’s speed and attack stats, kind of equivalent to Rending damage, but it affects attack and speed instead of HP.
Since it is damage, not a debuff, it can’t be cleansed, or avoided by Immunity, or even by swapping.

But how do you intuitively explain the ability to damage something as intangible as attack or speed? That doesn’t make sense, does it? I’m going to attempt to come up with logical justifications for these abilities.

1] Wearing damage
How do you damage an opponent’s attack stat? By wearing down their weapons.
Creatures like Ankylosaurs, that have bony armoured plates and spikes, can wear down and even break the opponent’s teeth and claws.
So you could have a passive ability where, on being attacked, the Ankylosaur (for example) deals 0.1x the opponent’s attack stat as wearing damage.

Now, some creatures, like crocodiles, sharks and Tyrannosaurs regenerate lost teeth, so they could get an ability where they regenerate their attack stats after every turn, so they would be unaffected.

This ability also wouldn’t affect Rending moves, since they don’t depend on the base attack.

2] Speed damage
Literally breaking the opponent’s bones. That definitely ought to slow them down.
These abilities would go to creatures like Ankylosaurs, as well as some Coenozoics, which are known for crushing bones.
Some Tyrannosaurs could get them too, but they don’t really need it. Besides, I think we can ignore the fact that Tyrannosaurs can shatter bone when we have creatures that are literally “Immune to bleeding” in this game.

So you could have an attack where, in addition to regular damage, you deal 0.2x the opponent’s speed stat as speed damage. These could be called “Fracturing abilities”.

If Dire wolves are ever added to the game, I’d like them to gain this ability, since they wear down their prey with their endurance.
So they could get an ability called “Endurance”, where every turn they deal 0.1x the opponent’s base speed as speed damage.

3] Venom/Poison
Another method of attacking an opponent’s attack and speed stats. These abilities would do both simultaneously.

It would be kinda funny that Immune creatures are Immune to bleeding, but not Immune to Venom/Poison, but hey, it’s for balance.

Anyway, the exact fractions that the opponent’s attack/speed should be reduced by is debatable, but you get the idea. We could conceivably have Fracturing moves that permanently reduce the opponent’s speed by up to 50%! We could have Wearing moves that are just as powerful.
This would allow you to deal with creatures that have high enough stats to sweep your whole team, by permanently reducing them. It would would also allow Ankylosaurs to be more than just a speed bump, meaning even if they go down, they’ll leave the assailant permanently crippled.

As for which creatures would get these abilities, I’d say new ones, as well as underpowered old ones.

So what do y’all think? Would these abilities negate the power of boosts to some extent?


I’d also like to add that this would open up the door to new possibilities for self-buffing abilities that can’t be nullified.

I must admit, that’s a really good idea.
Tiring a creature, wearing off a creature, damaging, mutilation. It may work.
But it would create drastic changes in the move set of certain dinos. And it may not be effective at all for some.
For instance if an Ankylosaurid was to damage bones to reduce speed of a TRex it wouldn’t matter would it? It’s already pretty slow.
And if it were to wear down the attack? A Rex can deal a considerable amount of damage even with 50% distraction on. And that’s when I’m talking about base attack, not boosted.
And most of your moves seem to go towards Ankylosaurs. Then people would start putting in the big chompers.

But I can see how this may affect other creatures, especially immunes which may be trash without their immunity. The venom idea seems pretty neat. The wearing out of attack needs a tweak as I said before.

Replace that T rex with a 149 speed Thor. Then you’re getting at my point.
If you disregard boosts, creatures like T rex should counter Ankylosaurs imo, so that isn’t a problem.

As for wearing down attack, it would certainly make a difference to other creatures that I’d like Ankys to do better against.

There are certainly other creatures that could get them, Ankylosaurs are just what came to mind first. Besides, these abilities don’t have to go on existing creatures, they could always go on new ones, like I said.

I actually had Hyaenodon in mind when I came up with fracturing moves