A New Type of Tier List

I had this idea. Here’s an example. Two players are arguing over which creature is better. Purrolyth, or Mortem Rex. With my idea, both would be right as they are both good for their Rarity instead of overall power. Because of this, we can rank some creatures easier. Do you like my idea?

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I suppose this can work as a new type of tier list but it doesn’t make sense to put this over “which one is better in general” it would be a good side idea but not a mainstream tier list

Also who is saying purrolyth is better then mortem kek


This already exists in tier lists. You find the average for the rarity and you compare where a select rare stands to the average. Example: if the average for rare creatures is alpha low then andrewsarchus would be above average, or tenotosaurus would be below average. So with this in mind I don’t see any point.

Oh. I didnt know that…