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A New Unique Ankylosaur Hybrid Concept

Heyo @Ned or @Sara or who see this hoping u can pass this on to the dev team cause I think it be a really good addition to the game

Since we get usually the same sorta types for hybrids (ceratopsians, tyrannosaurus, raptor) I was like what if we had a new one. A Unique ankylosaur hybrid[tryko does no count]


Ingredients: naustoceratops + ankylosaurs gen1

Health: 4,800
Attack: 1,150
Speed: 115
Armor: 30%
Immune to stunning and and slowing
Superiority vulnerability

Distracting shielding strike. cool down 2

Club smash: deal 1.5 times damage target is vulnerable for this and next turn. Delay1 Cool down 2

Stunning impact. Cool down 2

Then For it it’s hybrid I have two options on its moves

Ankyloceratops+ amargasaurs

Health: 5,200
Attack: 1,300
Speed: 110
Armor: 50%
Immune to damage over time and distraction
Superiority vulnerability

Distracting armor piercing rampage cool down 2

Long protection. Cool down 4

Intimidation: priority. Cause opponents moves to be reset to cool down time. Stun 100%. cool down 3

Yet personally I like this it’s moveset more

Superiority vulnerability

Distracting impact. cool down 2

Long protection. Cool down 4

Club decimation: deal 2x damage. Destroy shields target is vulnerable for this and next turn. Delay 1, cool down 2
P.S. this is now the old version of the move set and stats look below for the changed ones
Also thxs to everyone for liking this hopefully @ned has passed it on cause I really hope this goes into like 1.12 or like 1.11 at the last second or in a smaller patch

I made some minor changes but overall I think this is a good concept and I’ll write the stats and moves down in case u guys can’t read cursive


Health : 4,800
Attack : 1,150
Speed : 115
Armor : 35%
Immune to stuns and immune to slow/deceleration

Moveset :

Superiority vulnerability - deal 1x damage opponent is vulnerable for this and next turn. Decrease opponents speed by 50% for one turn

Distracting long protection deal 1x damage. Gain 50% shields for four turns. Opponents damage is reduced by 50% for two turns. Cool down 4

Club Smash : deal 1.5 damage bypass shields target is vulnerable for this and next two turns. Opponents speed is reduced by 25% for two turns. Cool down 3. Delay 1

Greater stunning impact : deal 1.5 times damage. Gain 75% chance to stun opponent for one turn. Cool down 2.

1x counter- attack

Swap-in distraction
Also yes she is a thiccc girl :joy::rofl:

Ankyloceratops is one of the few dinos observered to not fear anything not even the all powerful Indominus Rex. This force to be reckoned with has 5 ft long horns, almost impenetrable plated armored body, and clubbed tale that gives this super tank the weaponry needs to take down any other dinosaur with barely a sweat.

Once again I’ll right it down if you can’t read cursive and want further details



Health : 5,400
Attack :1,000
Speed :111
Armor :50%
Critical chance 20%
**Passive: Immune to stuns; Armor bleed 50% chance to either take two ticks or one tick from a bleed effect Guaranteed to not take full bleed

Superiority vulnerability : deal 1x damage. Opponent is vulnerable for this and next turn. Opponents speed is reduced by 50% for one turn.

Distracting Long Protection : deal 1x damage. Gain 50% shields for 4 turns. Opponents attack reduced by 50% for two turns. Cool down 4

Nullifying Impact : deal 1.5x damage. Remove positive effects Cool Down 1

Club Decimation : deal 2x damage. Destroy shields. Opponent is vulnerable for this and next 2 turns. Opponents speed is reduced by 25% for one turn. Cool Down 3, Delay 1

1x shield shattering counter : deal one times damage and shatter shields after receiving and surviving a physical attack

Swap in Distraction

This ultimate tank has no idea of the word fear or cautious means. Even it’s parent knows to stay out of it’s way.Like it’s hybrid cousin amargocephalus, Nasutomargosaur has large spikes that run across its armored back, yet unlike its counterpart it can easily and raise and angle the spikes at will just like modern African porcupines and just like porcupines it can regrow them if one or two is taken out in battle. like it’s parent it’s weaponry is feared throughout the land and it seems not even man can take down this beast of a Dino as when researcher tried to kill it with a mag .470 bullet after an incident the bullet got instant crushed and fell right off !

If ya have any thoughts, improvements, or critiques leave them below


Another idea was to fuse with ophiacodon or secodontsaurs and have it be immune and a tank buster but I think with amargasaurs it works better


I’m also think of drawing concepts of the Dino’s but idk

That would be nice to see

Back to my basement then until I finish

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Let me know what ya think I got time still and I’ll see if I can do it’s unqiue counter part

Wow that’s lit! Loved the colors, kit looking balanced and creative :smiley:

You should post It on the jwa artwork thread, i especially loved the way you did the tail

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Lol ya cause unlike a certain company cough cough I actually think what I want this creature to be and what can counter it’s for example this right here is a tank that is defensive and yet can dish out damage it’s super good against stuff like tryko and Thor since it can distract and go thru shields and make them vulnerable. It’s also good against Indos, erliko (except spxs) and regular raptors. It’s also good against thanks for the most part tanks to club smash and superiority vulnerability.

Counters would be anything faster than 115 speed. Anything with bleed, and can go thru armor and shields. And anything that’s immune

Hmm ya know what I will hang on a sec

Edit*: done

Although I was think of making club mash be like definitive rampage but an impact bu tho k that it way to much right?

Yeah i think It would, i think the extra thicc girl :laughing: is fine with this kit, i think she is already very strong. Can’t wait for the unique

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Lol hopefully it’s not a disaster and lives up to the hype. @Ned what ya think?

Nah i think it’ll look good, though i would change the unique’s armor to 30% as It has a very good kit( i agree with you, the second option was better) and stats. Nemys has 50% and the kit and stats are nowhere near as good as your concept. And nemys is a tyrant. Since you made a signature move for the legendary (distracting long protection) i would suggest the unique to keep it as well. But that’s all up to you, it’s your concept after all :slight_smile:

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I actually was think about that and for me at least it be better for DLP to be it’s like second and also unique move rather than distracting impact I believe it was what it had so these two can be unique from other hybrids

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And then replace long protection with greater stunning rampage , rending take down or greater stunning rampage

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But like I was think of increasing it to 45% and then reducing the attack by 100 so it can gain mor health and armor at the expense of attack

Perhaps, thought i think 30% armor is enough taking in consideration the kit you are planning(the signature move, superior vulnerability and the 2 rampages) seems amazing and the stats are very good. But then again, a decrease in damage could also work as balance. If you prefer It with more armor and want to balance It another way then by all means :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good concept maybe we should make a topic on that.

Pls if you can😂 I be honored