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A new version, a new disappointment

A new version, a new disappointment. The last version that brought me some joy was at the end of 2017 with the introduction of Thor and some improvements. Since then, increasingly disappointing. For this version I did not want much. I basically wanted what the majority (whatever the polls say)

  1. That the Yoshi was sent directly to hell from which he should not have gone out with a severe Nerfed -> NO

  2. That Cautios Stryke, a blow that is all the blows of the game into one and that makes Indo2 the best creature in the game being legendary, was modified to lose abilities -> No

  3. That the Diloracherius that was converted from a powerful hybrid to single garbage would be useful again -> No

  4. That the uniques who have never served anything (Pterovexus, stygidarix, monolorrino, Touramoloch) were improved to get closer to the Tyrant of the game -> No, only Stygidaryx was slightly improved but it will still be garbage.

  5. That Tyrant dinos that are already the most powerful are no longer improved -> Ludia slightly improves Ardentis, in a very significant way Geminititan, and in a brutal way Smilonemis (turning it into a beast)

(The idea should be to match the uniques to gain diversity and Ludia decides to extend the distance between the junk dinos of point 4 and those that were already Top of point 5, really, I don’t understand how things think)

  1. That some of the legendary super-inhibitors who have been waiting for a long time for unique (Alankilosauro, Diplovenator, Carboceratops, Dracoceratops, Dsungaia, Phorusaura, Skoolasaurus,) or some of those who recently expected (Alloraptor, Mammotherium) finally got a unique, making the list shorter- -> None gets Unique and joins the list of legendary waiting for one more, the Entelomoth

  2. That the priority of speed disappears for those who give faster and that only favors those who live near Canada, countries with better access speed or players with better cell phones -> No (and say what the survey, in my alliance we are 50 and 50 we wanted this to improve, but I guess the beneficiaries are too powerful)

  3. That more “hunting” creatures appear -> I still don’t know if the two new creatures will be hunting …

It was very easy to make a version that would improve the game, that would match the unique creatures and that, therefore, would bring diversity to the game and that would not give advantage to some players over others … but Ludia prefers otherwise, that all teams be same, that many unique creatures are useless and other superpowers and that some users have an advantage over others, a real shame …


Vexus really doesn’t need a buff. You just have to know how to use him.


Yup,a well resume for me aswell.

At least ,for the 8 ,they said geolocalisation will have some change so we still don’t know but i don’t expect something really exiting.
What is good in this update?
-More campaign mode.
-Maybe 2 snakes in the wild and its not sure
-I guess its all.

At least the only cool thing i guess is ,its not worst yet than 1.7

Of course, of course … that’s why almost no top team uses it …

It could be useful if it wasn’t because all Top dinos are immune. If we take as a base team the one marked by Game Press

Ardentis is immune
GeminiTitan is Immune
Erlidominus is immune
Magna is immune
Yoshi is immune
Qutzorion is purified
Indo 2 is purified
Mamotherium is immune to gradual damage

That is, you can bleed Tryko and little else

It was already very unhelpful, but if they do not improve it and instead improve the stronger dinos, it is now even worse … and I wish nothing more than it was useful. I have always gone to find Darwin that has been possible, I never evolved Monostegotps to save the rare Monolophosauro, I have accumulated tons of both thinking that one day I could enter my team … but that day never came

Vex does not need a buff cuz Ludia won’t make more money (or even less) by doing so.

People have stocked enough Darwin DNA. If Ludia makes it a must have, people won’t have to buy incubators or anything for Darwin’s DNA. Besides, if vex takes a solid slot in our teams, the desirability of newly introduced money grabbing broken hybrids will of course decrease

It’s true that DoT is useless in immune meta. But Vexus isn’t only a bleeder. He’s also an pretty durable, fast nullifier with nice damage output. Actually he can kill an Erlidom if played right. He nearly kills Magna and Indo. Yes, he is smashed by Yoshi, Indo G2 and Gemini. But that’s not because he’s weak. It’s because these 3 are broken. Vexus isn’t the only one massacred by them. He’s indeed best when fighting against nonimmune tanks or chompers. But he’s doing very well also in other matchups. Believe me. I use him in Library, and I’m sure that he’ll stay in my team for long
But if you really want a buff for him then take a look at this idea:
Damage increased to 1350. Pinning strike becomes Evasive strike. Swoop becomes Lethal Swoop. Gains No Escape
Do you think it’d be enough?

Possibly it would be enough, but as you say, the problem is not Vexus, the problem is the rest that is inflated and Ludia has decided not to reduce some (Yoshi, Indo2) and increase even more if others (ardentis, gemini, smilonemis , …).

And yes, there are worse, worse has been what has done ludia with the Diloracherius. From one day to another to be one of the best dinos, the game, my favorite, to serve only to make chicken burgers …

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And it happened without any direct changes to Dilorach…

Yes, simply by causing anyone to be stunned or slow down. This version, is still a bit more garbage, smilonemis joins the group of speed immune.

I remember when Dilorach was called an abomination by someone :joy:
I wonder how would that person call Indo G2 or Gemini

Everything having immunities is shallowing this game. Now the effects of abilities aren’t important anymore, just pure damage

yeah. that change was not needed. i’d rather have the long defensive strike.

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Why would Ludia make less money? The simple reason is the player base would be up in arms if Ludia messed with their crutches. Why waste effort on improving a dino few players use or putting one that no one will bring to arena? Boosts have locked most of our teams so a new meta would destroy the game with the moneybags leaving in anger and the remaining players whining Ludia didnt do what they want.

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Crutches. Dilocherius was very strong when Ludia didnt mess with its counterparts’ immunities and forgot to give it 1 or 2.

IndoR G2 would be toast if it wasnt immune to Distract and Stun. Geminititan would be beatable if Ludia didnt cop out and give it immunity out of nowhere.


Yes, but I don’t understand why Ludia wants there to be only 8 or 10 dinosaurs in the leading teams. Because it destroys more and more some, to make others invincible and that we all have to play with the same dinos. I find it hard to understand.

I refused a long time ago to be a slave to the ranking I never evolved the goat, I never evolved to Yoshi and I never evolved Indo 2. For different reasons, I also refused to evolve Geminititan (I don’t want paid dinosaurs, I want dinosaurs that I can hunt). I know that with these decisions I have always lost positions in the ranking but I don’t care. I have also refused to buy boost. Despite them, I’m always in Top1000, sometimes Top500 and it’s enough for me … at least until I get tired of having nothing to hunt.

Well that’s not very nice. I think we all expect too much of ludia too, i mean come on. This is a game that’s competing with pokemon go, it’s free and very high quality, i don’t think they’ll ever have the power to 100% nail updates and patches. And on the plus side, ludia almost always goes back and fixes their mistakes and mishaps


But it’s not about making many improvements, it’s about not making the game worse version after version. The game would be much better without this version, and surely without the previous 4.

If the problem of the game is that there are too many differences between the unique top and the unique garbage and that makes all the teams the same, why do they dedicate their effort to improve the top instead of improving the garbage? Get out of any logic.

If you want variety, make your own. All the teams are similar because players lack imagination and go for what the top 100 players use.

Some creatures need more strategy to use and thus no one likes them. The top teams are a variety of about 15 to 20 creatures. 12 easy to use uniques plus 5 rather situational ones, 2 who genuinely suck. There is variety in the uniques just that Ludia is focusing on what players will use. Boosts ensure Tuoro and Monolo will never be used.

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Neither Tuoro, Nor monolo, nor Diloracherius, nor any of Darwin’s two and less and less Utarinex, Indoraptor, Tenontorex and soon Thor. Of course, any of these megaboosting can be useful but it is that megaboosting can be useful almost any creature, that is not the question.

It’s not about imitating what the Top100 use, quite the opposite. My current team is completely different from theirs (no Yoshi, no Indo2, no Smilonemys, no Geminititan,…) , it is simply that there are uniques that have never worked (those of Darwin, the Toura, …), others that have been left old in a natural way (Utarinex, Thor, tenontiorex) and others that were massacred at once (Diloracherius).

But, very specific question. If there is a big difference between Unique TOP and the rest of Unique, does it make sense to improve the TOP even more and not improve the rest?

Ludia knows that people use the so called Top. The bottom few have their uses. Why put in effort for dinos people wun bother to use?