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A new way for teams to be chosen

honestly I feel that deck for the arena and choosing is sometimes way too unfair. Ex: a team full of tanks and one speedster, chompers and a tank two chompers a bleeders and tank, etc I feel like they should be a required one of each class on ur team tank, chomper, speedster, bleeder. And then you can never feel like the odds are against u since both u and ur opponent will have one of each class. I was also think the deck should be increased to ten so when can have more Dinos to run.

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Would people who aren’t running one of each class (for example; if someone was running say 8 tanks or 8 chompers) would their 4 be randomized or would they not be able to battle until they get at least one of each on their team? Just curious…

No they just be randomize. Say someone had only chompers, bleeders, and speedsters. Then it will compisate The missing class with a random one from that class that is missing

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So with 8 tanks or 8 chompers then four of those chompers or tanks will be choosen. This is not affected by hybrids since they or usually lean one way more on ther parents abilities. Pterosaurs and Cenozoics will still be separated from into tanks, bleeders, chompers etc

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I feel like it will really help rng team be one of the sole factors in deciding weither or not u win

I still say that they should allow us to select the dinos we want for the 4 that go into battle. I say this because apparently Ludia has a phobia for putting the better half of my 8 in the arena. I always get stuck with the unboosted ones on my team that are either too slow at the moment or have low hp.

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A-B-C-D brackets every bracket will have 3 Dinos(total 12),RNG choose one from each bracket to total 4.So you can organize the brackets with Dinos of your choosing.
ex: Bracket A Tank Dinos, Bracket B Chompers etc etc


Okay that’s way better and I’m so jealous I didn’t think of that

I feel like the only reason we have 8 is so that they can maximize profit (of course).

If people could choose the 4 team members, then even if you lose, you are, for the most part, going to be happy with your team selection and changes will be rare. Having it this way not only means you have to level/boost ALL 8, it also means sometimes you might doubt the team (even though it’s nothing more than bad RNG).

I’m all for anything that changes this, though. This is the only game I play that won’t allow you to select an exact team.


Selecting the 4 we want wouldn’t help since your opponent would do the same.

It would actually make the Arena worse, even less variety than the low variety we have now.

That’s a actually true

Not always.

There’s always going to be a few that are above the others, sure. But as an example, if every player was able to select their DC counter, people would stop playing DC after a while. Then, when people notice a dino they struggle with, they’ll swap to another, potentially non-meta dino to catch their opponents off guard. When new dinos come in, people might actually be able to afford levelling and boosting some of them as well.

This happens on a few other games I play, which is why it’s more fun with their battle system compared to JWA, where I can end up with a team full of defensive against a team full of chompers. It can go either way.

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If you could select the top 4 dinos , then people would over boost 4 dinos and let the other 4 unboosted, and fight with the same 4 ( including boosted draco ) all the time. at least being random player who relay in just one super dino, don’t know if they will get it in the 4 team.
I am fine with being random to be honest.

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That a terrible justification what needs to be done is that you can see the eight dinos of each player before the battle then you choose 4 dinos for that battle that way you can plan ahead and it would be a good way to nerf the Rat, cause now people can prepare for it instead of always fearing a random bs SI

why just increased to ten? i would personally like atleast a total of 20 creaturs in my team

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