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A new way to balance creatures: poll

This is a new passive idea, one suggested by @Jurassic_gamer_2.0, but rather than a beneficial passive ability like we’re used to, it’s a detrimental one.

The name placeholder could be Prone passives.
A prone passive is a passive ability that makes a creature 50% more prone to a certain debuff.

For example, against a creature that is Prone to DoT, Lethal Wound would do 0.51x HP per turn instead of 0.34x, and Swap-in Wound would deal 0.38x HP per turn.

Against a creature that is Prone to Distraction, Distracting Impact would reduce opponent damage by 75%, Debilitating Distraction would reduce it by 113% and Instant Distraction by 135% (useful against creatures with self-buffing moves).

Against a creature that is Prone to Swap-prevention, Swap-prevention would last for 1 extra turn, whenever inflicted.
Against a creature that is Prone to Deceleration, Deceleration would last for 1 extra turn, whenever inflicted.

Against a creature that is Prone to Vulnerability, Vulnerability being inflicted results in it being dealt 75% extra damage instead of 50% extra.

And lastly, against a creature that is Prone to Stuns, Stunning moves would be 50% more effective, meaning they would land the stun 99% to 100% of the time.

I think this is a good way of giving creatures with partial Immunities other exploitable weaknesses.

For example, Indoraptor G2 could be Prone to DoT. This wouldn’t change its matchups against most of the top creatures, but it would give bleeders like Spinoconstrictor a better chance at taking it out, especially if it isn’t at full health.

If, say, Thoradolosaur was buffed in attack, but was made Prone to Distraction, a level 21 Erlikospyx would be able to reduce its damage to 0 for 2 turns even if it was level 30 and max boosted in attack, which I think would be hilarious.

Geminititan could be Prone to DoT too, meaning you wouldn’t have to nerf it’s stats to have bleeders beat it.

So, what do y’all think of this passive idea?

  • Good idea
  • Undecided
  • Bad idea
  • I don’t care

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I voted bad idea but not because I think it is. I just prefer the current system.

It’s… interesting. Would to an extent remove the need to nerf the stats of something with a stupid partial immunity like Moth, and make other negative effects more prevalent. In the end making all negative effects somewhat prevalent. Thing is, what’s getting these Prone passives? Something like Gem or Moth that are quite op? Or something dumb like anky. With lydia, there’s no telling

The potential for Ludia to mess up is practically infinite, so I don’t think you should judge a balancing idea based on the worst case scenario.

The prone passives would be intended only for creatures that simply need more counters. Right now we have quite a few of those.


I actually had tis idea couple weeks ago,i call it suspectible.(i know it’s a bad name)
This will ONLY EFFECT HYBRIDS so non hybrid will have a chance in the arena.
Most of my idea is the same as yours,but some of them are different :

Suspectible to stun : creature will receive distraction/deceleration (can’t decide) and maybe increase the stun rate. may apply on tryko,tyrannolopho,etc.(thor and allosino just doesn’t make sense)

Suspectible to crit : add extra 0,15× when get crit.may apply on geminititan and maxima,lania,etc.

Suspectible to rend : add extra 15% damage received whe get hit by a rending ability. may apply on geminititan,lania,Maxima,etc.

Suspectible to presice and definite ability : received extra 0,2× (2× become 2,2×) damage may apply on procerathomimus,erlidom,etc.