A New Way to Make Low Rarity Creatures Good in Battle

For the entirety of the game, a hybrid or apex has always been considered the best creature in the game, and hybrids for the very large majority dominated arenas of all levels. They’ve become the center of PvP so much that non-hybrids are completely left in the dust in terms of power. While the hybrids are definitely very interesting and I feel are the biggest reason why I like the game, non-hybrids honesty deserve so much more. Not only that, but many hybrids don’t have the strength to be usable later throughout the game, mainly rare, epic, and legendary hybrids. I thought of a new mechanic that allows creatures of lower rarities to be usable in unique or apex-dominated arenas.

I came up with this idea while discussing with a few others on Discord. It’s a mechanic where if a creature of a rarity below unique is leveled to the minimum level of the next rarity, it will visibly change to that rarity and get an upgrade while its actual DNA stays the same rarity.

For example, if you leveled Dimorphodon to a level 6, it would visibly change to a Rare creature, and would gain an extra ability along with a few tweaks to make it stronger and suit that rarity. Level it to lvl 11, and it becomes an epic, getting buffed even more, level it to 16, it becomes a legendary, gaining a fourth move and being buffed even further. Finally reaching level 21, it becomes a Unique, getting one final buff. This mechanic would apply to every creature in Legendary or lower rarities. However, something like a common being brought to a unique rarity will be weaker than the average unique hybrid, as common DNA is much easier to obtain. You can also change the rarity of a creature at any time to alter its strength. If a tournament is restricted to a specific rarity, only that rarity form of a creature can be used, and you need to have that rarity unlocked to use it.

While this mechanic is quite complex and would take a very long time to implement, it’s a way that would allow people to use any creature they feel without being hindered by their lack of strength compared to higher rarity creatures, as they could simply level up their favorite dinos and unlock stronger versions of themselves.


Sounds like a pretty great solution but with how the game is being run currently it’ll die off before they can begin with this concept. That and also they’ll find way to put a large part of this idea behind a paywall of sorts.

All and all great idea I give it 9/10

I think the only way to bring it to a 10 is put a price on rarity upgrades. For example legendary to unique could cost 10k coins (if 10k seems like too little or too much just reply with what you think each rarity upgrade should cost)

Also if they take the idea try getting royalties. You’ll be making bank


seems like an interesting concept although like AverageDinoCollector said this system could be easily manipulated by Jam City

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Jam city will probably make a “rarity upgrade token” that costs real money
But I hope creatures can finally get upgrades

I really don’t know how to think about it because it’s so

Out there and strange

ok you want out there?
hows this
a tree ability structure like say diablo3 or other games where you can chose a tree then build on it no dinos would be the same for the most part and when the reset comes you can reset the tree and chose a different path heath damage swap in etc.

now that would make for a mixed meta :stuck_out_tongue:

Good But this would be used to exploit the game

I kind of like it, but raids specifically you can go with any rarity. Friend of mine records stupid JWA raids, and he’s won Majung against Ceramag, Suchomimus against Mortem, and yesterday did a level 20 Brontotherium against Ref. So it’s not impossible to use lower levels, though it does take some leveling up at times and depends on the raid. Some creatures just wouldn’t be able to do say Mortem because they just aren’t built for it unless they have an insane amount of boosts invested in them.

But I do feel like this could be a way to fix the variety issue

And it would be funny to run a team of all non hybrids

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