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A noob question

Hi All, hope you can help me with the following question.

Do you know if characters’ specific rooms prevent from having a secret room on the opposite side (room 2, 5, 8)?

Since when I looted Joppa and Jarlaxe (which, btw, I dont play/upgrade) I have two characters rooms in Lightfingher (room 5 = Joppa lvl 17, room 8 = Jarlaxe lvl 19) and I’ve noticed the chance of a secret room has hugely decreased and, if I remember correctly, I find them only at room #2.

Is it just my impression?

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It happened to me once or twice to find a secret room where was expected for me to have a hero locked room, that I’m sure. On the other hand, at those challenges where I still haven’t unlocked all hero rewards I notice a decrease in finding secret rooms. I have a jarlaxle lvl 17 reward locked and it will still be locked for quite some time since I’m not lvling him nor plan to for some time, and that room is also preventing me to get the rewards for other heroes who already reached that lvl. Probably when it happened it happened because sometimes the room doesn’t appear, and at one of those times I had the luck to get a secret room proc.

Changing the topic a bit, it would be cool if the game could rotate the rooms you haven’t unlocked the rewards yet.

Fully agree