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A normal day in a normal week For 1st anniversary

We are the 23th May, today game have 1 year… Wow…
You are older if you knew it:

When you realise this anniversary week is just a normal week.
Spécial week For Christmas, St Patrick, lunar New year,…
But for anniversary: a continental week.
Who can be placed all over during the year.
Except have 4 epic Strike tower It’s a incredible normal week with normal day( for a anniversary).
We have irritator? Continental week can be added next week or last week. Not amazing at all.
Epic is lambda: New Smilodon? We have in daily quest
Alanqa? Same during 2 month.
Grypo? Just for collection
Kentro? Why not

Common? Yes the New bird why not, the rest? Just burn our coin for fused unplayable hybride.

Rare: Argentino and irritator: good
The rest: no.

Not Prime Strike tower? No legendary and/or unique shot (we get l/u shot for more random week)? No special refueling tower (extra dna, coin or cash)?

Just a normal week with normal day for a special week.

Ludia forget without players, game can be closed before 1St anniversary. Same with monney and top profitable (in play store at least).
But players have no thanks:
-Bug with drone during epic week but repear during common week.
-Week more and more greedy
-Nerf dracorex for up dracoceratops
-Add boost, rework boost Just for Speed but same P2W and older > New players

I don’t ask a week like St Patrick but Just a special week.

Actualy Ludia prefer St Patrick than own anniversary :confused:

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Hell yeah I see Tarbo. Hopefully this time I can get my Thor finally. I am happy

Also see a chance of getting Thor out in the wild again!

This is past. We are way passed March. Thanks for getting my hopes up. I​:pensive::cry:

He was just saying that they aren’t doing anything special for their anniversary, while for St. Patrick’s day and other holidays they got awesome stuff. Don’t get me wrong, this week is cool but it’s not on that level. No unique attempts are probably because they’re worried about “arena imbalance” like before, but that’s kind of moot with the state the arenas are in with boosts.

Ah I just misinterpreted it to be honest.

Wow! It only took 1 year for Ludia to totally destroy a great game

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It’s not really a normal week. It’s basically 2 weeks smashed into 1. And imo it’s 2 amazing weeks. We get Grypo, Irritator, Kentro and 4 epic strikes


I also think that it is a good week and I prefer that it is not as extraordinary as St. Patrick, which, in my opinion, was excessive and distorted the game.

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Now I want Baryonyx Gen2 event too ASAP :slight_smile:


The anniversary isn’t for awhile guys, 1 year ago the game was not available globally. Global Release is what they consider the anniversary.


@J.C thanks for that info! :sunglasses::+1: was indeed curious about it

Thanks J.C - when was the global release?

Nice JC

I know is was in the summer… but y’all keep me pretty busy and dates get blurry.


Thanks for the warning … I do not know exactly what is considered “global” but I started playing in June from Barcelona …

I was not sure but on website and the release date is 23th May.
After strange for a no anniversary week (if mistake). To have 4 incubators and epic shot the 23th May and not full épic shot the week end.

About 2 week in 1: It’s more à 1.5/2 week.
You can easily put 2+2 epic than do 2 and 2. I’m happy to have 2 week in 1. Have you see dinosaur avaiable ?! :confused:

Good rare: Argentino and irritator like i said on my first post.
Common : Just bird
And both are in the part 1
A week with bird, iritator, argentino and Smilodon+ grypo is not an amazing week.

But the 2nd part for a full week is just horrible
Common+ rare: useless
Épic: Alanqa (avaiable last week and on daily quest during 2 month) + kentro (not bad).
Both with 6 try.

2 week separated give just a medium and bad week… 2 in 1 give a normal/not bad week but for a anniversary week Just a disapointing week.

:joy: that we do J.C

Everything i’ve found out about it points to May 30th 2018.

This says the long wait will soon be over…

This says they’re official alive in your world…

If anyone says it was in the summer, then I have no idea of the date, because everything Ludia has publicly advertised shows 30th May 2018 as official worldwide release.

So next week hype???

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