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A notice to everyone who used the Irritator strat to beat Mortem before 2.0 (the one with Max and Tenrex)

Since the Ardentismaxima nerf, y’all might be wondering if your team will still be able to beat Mortem Rex. I’m going to simplify the calculations for you, and also suggest a modified strategy that you can use if convenient.

Now, Tuoramoloch and Irritator will stay the same (for anyone new, they need 3343+HP, preferably at least 4178 and Tuora’s preferred attack is 1671), the problem is with Ardentismaxima and Tenontorex. Maxima now has the same stats as Argentinosaurus, so you can use Argentino in the Field Guide as a proxy.
The reason I’m including Tenontorex is because since Maxima deals less damage now, Tenrex has to make up for it.

[Firstly, Maxima needs at least 1664 attack, and 8774+ HP to be reasonably safe (7521 is the bare minimum, 8147 gives you a better chance and 8356 gives you an even better chance). Tenontorex as before needs 3343+ HP, preferably 4178+. If you can meet those requirements, proceed]

Now, you can calculate each creature’s damage throughout each round of the raid by multiplying its base damage with what I’ll call it’s “cumulative multiplier”, or CM.

So to know if your team is safe, calculate the sum of Maxima and Tenrex’s damage for each round and compare it to what it was pre-2.1. If it’s the same, you’re safe, if it’s more then great, but if it’s much lower, then you’re in trouble.

For round 1, Maxima’s CM was 11 (now 9.5), while Tenrex’s is the same as before at 9.5
For round 2, Maxima’s CM is the same as before (6), while Tenrex’s is the same at 12.25

So 2.0 R1= (A* 11)+(T* 9.5) [A being Maxima’s attack and T being Tenrex’s attack]
2.1 R1= (A* 9.5)+(T* 9.5)
And R2= (A* 6)+(T* 12.25)

You can use this as a guide for boosting your creatures.

Now for the alternative strategy. It’s as simple as replacing Tenontorex with Erlidominus. Thanks to the health buff, Erlidominus is now a more viable option than before, but it will still need to have highish stats, but I’m pretty sure a lot of people have Erlidoms that would work.
The HP needs to be above 3342, preferably 4178+, and it needs to be faster than Irritator.

The move order would be DI, C, R, DI, MSS, R, C, R, DI.

If it has less HP than Irritator, then Tuora will have to use GEH on it so Mortem targets Irritator in round 2. If not, then the strategy remains the same.

As for Erlidom’s damage it’s CM for R1 is 11.75, while for R2 it’s 14.25

[Edit: If Erlidom has less HP than Irritator and/or has below 4178 HP, then you can replace Cloak in the second Round with DI, then Cloak, then Rampage. That gives it a round 2 CM of 13.5, but you’ll have to worry less about crits. Don’t forget to replace 14.25 with 13.5 in the formula.]

So R1=(A* 9.5)+(E* 11.75) [E being Erlidom’s attack]
R2=(A* 6)+(E* 14.25)

And don’t worry if the sum of their damage is slightly lower than with using Tenontorex before 2.1, since Erlidominus crits 20% more often.

Alright, that’s it, all the best everyone, hope you find this helpful.


For most it’s always going to be less assuming they’ve not leveled/boosted any of them since 2.1.

For me it works out to this:

Pre 2.0
R1 - A=19855 + T=20301.5 = 40156.5
R2 - A=10830 + T=26178.25 = 37008.25

Post 2.0
R1 - A=15827 + T=20301.5 = 36128.5
R2 - A=9996 + T=26178.25 = 36174.25

As of next week, thanks to Tenonto being on the map this week i’ll level Tenonto once and may add extra boost in attack (only have 1 available). Based on that next week it will change to:

R1 - A=15827 + T=21793 = 37620
R2 - A=9996 + T=28101.5 = 38097.5

Fairly close, but still less.

As for my Erlidom it’s got the HP (3.6k) but since 2.0 never bothered boosting it’s attack much.

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In your case it was sort of overkill before 2.0, so y’all will be fine, especially since Tuora and Irritator aren’t counted, and neither are any crits.

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It worked! It was pretty much the same as before where as long as Mortem doesn’t crit too much, or crit on turn 1 round 2 then we are good.

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The problem I have is that my Ardentis’ attack plummeted thanks to the nerf - and everytime I open an incubator, it’s a speed boost, not an attack boost.

We managed to beat Mortem with a level 26 Erlidom with just 1 tier in HP. It definitely works.

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