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A.P.Ex. Hybrid Challenge 2021 #2

Hello, people of the forums. I have something quite special for you. As some of you may know, I do hybrid design requests, but this time, I turn to you! I am hosting a hybrid design contest, for my own organization, A.P.Ex, or the Alpha Predator Experiments. In APEx, we, as an international community, make hybrids something beyond what you have seen before!! For example, creatures like Tenebrolamia anagenesis, a white vampire with bioelectric properties, and Banshiraptor occultatum, a sadistic she-wolf with the powers of camouflage and acidic bile. However, it isn’t as simple as you think. APEx likes working with smaller details, using more than just four or five creatures to make it. Why, an illegal project, Dracotantibus florea ab filia, has EIGHTY-NINE components!!

So here’s the pitch: From 7/27 8:30 a.m. PST, to 8/10 2:00 p.m. PST, I am initiating a contest for all of y’all to submit your very own APEx project creature!! Now, before you start engineering, I am setting some ground rules for what I’m lookin’ for. When it comes to these, I have seen some patterns of hybrid designing. Things APEx does not follow through with. At all. Like, no.


  • No using previously existing hybrids, such as from any Jurassic Park media, and already existing creations from other people. This must be completely new, specifically built for this project.
  • There are limits to what you can or cannot do when it comes to creature abilities. Think rationally and think about what a creature can do or handle. For example, fire breathing, mind reading, etc, are not allowed. Look to the animal kingdom for inspiration.
  • The creatures you choose to mix must make sense for the overall design of the animal. Don’t just shove things because you want to or because it looks cool. Think. Plan. Rationalize. Also don’t be generic. Please. Lastly, use at least 7 creatures, extinct and extant.
  • However, do think outside the box. I want something special, yet grounded in what reality JW can be in.
  • Human DNA is illegal.
  • Most importantly, have fun!!!

Necessary Criteria

  • Binomial nomenclature/ Genus + species. Name must mean something, and it must make sense. (For example, Spinosaurus aegyptiacus meaning “Egyptian spined lizard”.)
  • Size
    • Height (in metres)
    • Length (in metres)
    • Weight (in kilograms)
    • //Optional// Wingspan (in metres)
  • Diet
  • Preferred Environment/Habitat (also include diurnal or nocturnal tendencies.)
  • Special Abilities
  • Creature Behavior, such as socializing, hunting, migrating, etc.
  • Genetics List: Alphabetical order, one list for extinct species, one for extant, the latter requiring common names as well. All species names must be started in binomial nomenclature.
  • If possible, and it is very much recommended, an artistic interpretation of the hybrid. That is a key factor in determining its worth to APEx.


  • Name:
  • Size:
  • Diet:
  • Habitat:
  • Abilities:
  • Behavior:
  • Genetics
  • Image:

When you are finished, directly message me your finished product. Don’t post it here, I will reveal the entries once time is up!!
The winner will be determined via close examination and discussion amongst the APEx crew, and every aspect will be examined. The prize will be having your creature become an APEx, followed by a design boost and a freshened up genetics list given by yours truly!!

Let the madness begin!!!

Oh, and due to a request, I shall provide some abilities that APEx’s already have to prevent copycats.

  • hexachromatic eyesight
  • bioelectric nature
  • vampiric diet
  • camoflauge
  • super high internal body temperatures
  • chromatophores for camoflauge
  • acidic spit projectile (hydrogen-based)
  • multi-species mimicry/communication
  • self-awareness/sapience
  • bioluminescene
  • sunlight reflection/refraction
  • scythe-like forearms, slimy skin
  • viral infectious bite
  • hallucinogenic poison
  • calming feather patterns
  • heavily armored tail
  • supreme intelligence
  • arboreal supremacy
  • poisonous tissues
  • redirection of electricity
  • mantis-like forelimbs
  • semi/amphibious nature
  • night vision
  • heat sensory
  • specialized pheromones

When you are finished with your product, do not post it here. Instead, Direct Message me the finished creature. That way it will not get lost amidst discussions here. And you are welcome to ask questions or request help not just from me, but from your fellow peers!

List of commonly used taxonomic affixes - Wikipedia And this link should help you with names.


By any chance, is the time constraint too short? I think 2 weeks should suffice, but if there are any complications or preferences, do let me know.

Oh, and one more rule. Use of human DNA is deemed illegal according to the Hybridization Prohibition Laws, ever since Project Crawford was deemed a failure. So please, no human DNA. Other primate dna is legal.


Would I be able to post an image with already existing APEx abilities so people don’t accidentally make a hybrid with those same abilities?

Ah, yes. Good point. I’ll do that myself. Thanks for that lmao!

For those of you who don’t get it, there are well over 15 APEx projects already, with a menagerie of recorded illegal and non-APEx creatures already, each with unique abilities. To give everyone more of a fighting chance, I will reveal what we have so far, to prevent copies or mistakes.

I posted it somewhere else but…

Name - Scaphnoraptor
Name Meaning - Boat Raptor (Because it is a very good swimmer)
Height - 1.5 Meters
Length - 3 Meters
Weight - 987 Kilograms

Diet - It preys on medium sized prey, fish, and sometimes scavenges.
Habitat - Coasts with large populations of fish.
Abilities - Extremely powerful swimmer, Fast.
Behavior - It hunts in packs of about 3 to 5 members. It is very social. It migrates only about 1 to 2 weeks after other animals.
Genetics List:

Extinct Species

  • Scaphnonagthus
  • Spinosaurus
  • Utahraptor

ok, so basically, here’s a bunch of abilities that APEx hybrids have

I don’t see these on the list, but just to be sure, are tunneling and an extremely high metabolism available (looking to make an animal that hunts by marking its prey and then burrowing towards it with a ridiculous speed. It’d also likely have the ability to chase its prey down but would require a lot of food)?

Edit: Never mind. I didn’t see digging at the bottom there.

You did not follow what I asked you to do. Look at it again. I said to think, rationalize. Don’t be so impulsive. Find something unqiue. Also, you didn’t use at least 7 creatures and think outside the box. Try again. This is the shallow thinking APEx stands against.

We do have a digger, but no actual specialized tunneler.

It’s been added on the top.

Probably a dumb question but I’m just gonna ask anyways, when it comes to this restriction:

This would in a way include the lifestyle of animals such as crocodilians, iguanas, or spinosaurids correct?

That is the least restricted one. We have creatures with amphibious tendencies, but I will not prohibit it. In fact, it would be a fun spin on things. If you can make it work, I will not say anything against it.

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So I could still make my burrower idea?

I say go for it!!

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Nice. Mole-Lizard-Abomination-Thing here I come!

Hello. I’m planning on entering this contest, and wanted to clarify whether certain special abilities I want to use are available or not. Is my hybrid allowed to have venomous fangs/spines and a massive jaw gape? I’m thinking of making a mammalian creature that subdues prey with both offensive and defensive venom reservoirs. The jaw would be used for intimidation displays, interspecies combat, and to consume large portions of prey within a short time period.