A plea, our last hope

Here, your friend Viatovic risking another ban for pleading with the management to please not kill this game.

The game is currently unplayable for any non-paying player.
People are leaving in droves.
The arena, aka the endgame of the whole game you have created, it’s a nightmare.
Two extreme meta changing updates back to back, zero chance for any non-whale to adjust.
Killing the apex creatures we have been working so hard to get in favour of “daily pay-walled” dna for the most broken unique creatures in the history of Jurassic World Alive.

So… let’s recap.
You can’t hunt for this dna, unless you got the privilege of having fridays and saturdays free to spend an insane number of hours trying to have luck and see if the map gives you what you want.
Raids are either a waste of time or the new batch is so unexplicably hard that why bother?
I’m talking about the crazy number of tries you need to do a raid with a continental creature you CAN’T hunt.
And the arena is, by Ludia actions, a place where only the wealthy can thrive.

Yesterday I just had a close friend and alliance official, that runs THREE DIFFERENT ALTS telling me that he is stepping down and playing less.
And I understand, because finding the fun in this game is a challenge on itself.

Now the moderation is probably gonna erase this and become one of the countless of topics that get deleted so we can’t work together as a community to put a stop to this disgusting direction Ludia has taken.
It would be easier if the content creators for this game or the biggest community (Looking at you GamePress/Metahub) would care about anything else except themselves.

This is a plea so this game doesn’t go down the drain.
If you lose the common folks, there is no game. If you erase the golden goose chase, the opportunity of being “a great one” without taking shortcuts, there is basically no point in keep going in a game so painstakingly grindy.

Thanks for you time and I hope this stays up and helps mobilize people so we can at least said we tried to save this game where we have poured so many hours and met so many amazing people before it was too late.
See ya in the other side.




I agree. With no way to actively hunt things like Carnotaurus outside of special weeks and Fridays (not to mention Echo on Saturdays). A person with a busy schedule has no way of actively keeping up except through sanctuaries, which ends up being a slog.

Also yeah, the recent new raids, while cool for DNA take some solid luck to be successful (a Rinchicyon strat having to line up multiple crits in a row for success…).


Well said. The current state of the game is discouraging to say the least. They practically crippled the Apex dinos based solely on complaints from part of the player base, and that inaccurate GamePress article, crippling and making light of a year of hard effort by countless players (yeah, it doesn’t sound like free DNA, GP).
They deliver a bunch of new options, each one more absurdly strong than the last, and give us no chance to adapt to them unless we have a lot of free time or spare money, which I can assure you is not the reality of many of the players.
They changed the entire functioning of Resilient dinos, and again they didn’t give us a chance to readjust.
And, as icing on the cake, they hand over one of the new-and-shiny-and-powerful dinos as an alliance reward, knowing he’s the most powerful in the new meta, knowing he’s “doing things he shouldn’t” just to force the boosts sale on the community.
Combine that with excellent communication with the fanbase (contains irony), and voila.
Congratulations, Ludia.


I know somebody who had to take a week-long break from the game because of frustration, and he seems to be happier and more relaxed.
So then, what does it say about the state of the game when veteran players are quitting? I’m starting to lose faith that they can or will fix anything.


There is so much hate for Carno now. I am free to play and I’ve always just shot everything I see. I always shot carno when I saw it. I even donated a lot of dna when it didn’t have the new hybrids. These are what I have. It’s about shooting things that you don’t need right now. Just because it’s not good now doesn’t mean it won’t be later. I also requested a lot of carno when we first saw the leak of the indotaurus incubator. That let me know it was coming so I started requesting it. Had 100k+ Dna.

The regional dinos I get it, it sucks but you can get them from the raid and not even have to level up the epics. That’s a lot of dna saved. You don’t level as fast but these were made to trade on sundays with other regional dna people. Still I get it. It sucks no doubt.

Arena yeah boy isn’t fun and for me it never has been. The biggest bummer for me is the new change in tournaments. It was rare and epic mainly for a year and now it’s always legendary and unique. It’s no fun for me and arena never has been.

Hmmm, let’s see what GamePress all does and how it helps the JWA Community.
1: Help the community with Guides and Tournament Tips to improve their teams and help them to make their best darting choices for the Weekly Events.
2: Provide a breakdown of Patch Notes when they are released to help the community make sense of it all.
3: Provide a Discord server where the community can come together to discuss the game, Raid together and have a good time.
4: Provide the community with information from Ludia the moment we get it, which often relates to special events and/or other great things for JWA.

I’m having a difficult time here to see where we are just acting for ourselves. Why share all information we get and/or make articles if we’re all just acting for ourselves here? I’ve yet to see you share anything with the community or provide valuable information to the community. And yet here you are calling us selfish and only caring about ourselves. Perhaps think about that for a while Via.
Yeah I’m totally expecting this to be flagged and removed as well, but I don’t care anymore at this point.

Worst part is - I actually agree with most of what you have said here. But you’re not going to care about that because big bad GamePress is at fault for everything. Oh well. We will continue to help the community out with Guides and such, and use our influence to hopefully persuade Ludia to fix this game as well.


I worked hard for my uniques. Didnt work hard for Apex cratures. I worked hard to help other get Apex tho. Wish someone could carry me, so I didnt need to dart or fip all I need, for Uniques and Legend

I’m honestly sick of all the complaining from everywhere about everything.


Hey everyone, just popping in to remind you to please keep things civil and respect each other :sauropod:


Many uniques always had exclusive ingredients, I don’t see how these new additions should be different all of a sudden.
And how does gamepress only think about themselves? All they do is help the community and do what they can to get Ludias attention when something is wrong. Or did you forget all the effort they put into making Ludia do the right thing concerning the Google login issue?

You’re right about many things, like raiding and continentals, but don’t forget how this game has always worked. Griiiiind