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A poem about Indo Gen 2

A white wolf of the night
Tis’ but a star in a lonely Galaxy
Forgotten, and not forgiven
Just as another before him

His brother is dead, and his parent is as strong
But he rules with passion, Aggression, and pride
As a star in the blue, open sky.

As beauty is to pain
He fits the description
No doubt he is gorgeous
But he will put you down without pity

He still is king, but as time goes
Nothing can prosper
Everything must go.


This thing doesn’t deserve a poem


Even though @Starlinger27 is right it is a beautiful poem!!

Indeed it is

Like the poem and all, but, uh, Indo G2 is a female, so I’m wincing every time I read ‘him’…:sweat_smile:

Indoraptor was a Male in the movie. And two, we don’t really know if it is a girl or not.

Poetry at it’s finest

I know Indo is a male.
Read the description about Indo G2 in the game…it clearly states ‘she’

Just because it says she doesn’t mean that every individual of the species Indoraptor Gen 2 is female. I personally call all Indoraptors male.