A Poll about your attitude towards boosts

Let’s say Ludia introduced an unboosted arena, like the old days, with the same rewards as the boosted arena.
Regardless of whether or not that would be a good idea, assuming the chances of being matched with an opponent are equal for both, which arena would you prefer to battle in?

  • Boosted
  • Unboosted
  • Both equally

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This isn’t a poll about whether or not Ludia should attempt a boost removal, or about how they should handle the whole boost scenario. It’s about which arena you’d find the most fun.

The idea of an unboosted arena is not realistic. Nobody would battle in the boosted one, even if the rewards were better. It’s not worth the annoyance, so its not a good idea financially, even if it were to increase player satisfaction.

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Oh like I suggested a year ago?

Boosted arena would still have ppl playing espcially if it had better rewards, even more so if most matchs were against AI, easy win for them

Now that everyone I play is pretty much max boosted, I don’t think I would go back to having everyone predictable again.
I think boosts should be 100% free so everyone is max boosted and customized to their tastes.
I wouldn’t even be mad if they did it tomorrow without refunds.


@Phil Well I would love this to be Implemented.

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@W1ckety that is exactly why there is a option for equally both.

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I wouldn’t even think twice about it, INSTANTLY would never touch the boosted battle system again. Yes i did boost a lot of my dino’s too but if i could choose between, i would go for the non boosted arena since it actually takes skill rather than spending a lot of money or saving for months if not even years to catch up with the top dogs in the arena.

Please give us that option, even if we don’t get any coins or rewards other than the incubators like we have now!

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i’d spend the majority of my time in the Unboosted arena. i miss the old days and would like to return in some way that isn’t a skill tournament. but i’d still play in a boosted arena. just not as much or as frequently as an unboosted setting. I barely play the arena now as it is.

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To be frank, boosts aren’t being removed. Too many people have spent money on them at this point, so we’re stuck with them.

Though, I would not be unopposed to the implementation of multiple teams in the future, one for boosted arenas, one for non-boosted arenas, and one for tournaments.

That way, there’s a lot of room for players to experiment and use different creatures, rather than everyone having practically the same teams all of the time.

I would start using arena again if there was a boost free option!

And im probably not the only one!


Looks like a a handful of people say they would play in a boosted arena, more than I expected.

I mean, as long as boosted arena offered better prizes? Sure, I’d enter both equally. But if they had the same prizes?

Smell ya later, boosts!

Even if this poll represented the entirety of the community, the boosted arena player pool would be devastated. Think 11% of current battlers. Would result in worse MM, more frustration, and little reason to stick around in the boosted arena when a more fun, player filled option is available.


A unboosted and boosted arena would break the game even further. It sounds good on paper like many things, but it’s a complete mess when executed. Unless there is a equal amount of people playing in both arenas, there will definitely be a difference in players in boosted arenas. When there’s such a difference, matchmaking becomes worst. Eventually, one of the arenas are going to become obsolete, and that’s when people who bought their stat boosts start to complain.

Problem with unboosted arena would be the same as it is in tournaments … speed tie. I will rather play with boost and have time to think about my next step like making the hole at my phone display by trying to fast click next move and then still lose speed tie … If this will ever happen I will stay in boosted arena.

EDIT: I have to mention my wish again … I would really like if Ludia can remove all the boost after each patch without any refund so I can actually try new creatures if they are good …

Speed ties happen often in tourneys because of creature restrictions limiting the amount of dinos, before that there were little to no complain about speed ties, and honestly would rather have that over any boost mechanic


I’d play both, Though not equally. I’d probably play unboosted more.

I’d play boosted sometimes just because I’ve already equiped them. And they’d be useful in certain tournaments.

I also don’t have a huge issue with speed ties. I’d rather deal with a speed tie than a Procerat or Erlidom that has 155+ speed.

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