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A Possible Change to Fierce Attacks

So when it comes to the Fierce-Cunning-Resilient classes, we know that Fierce attacks have the least amount of difference to their previous versions. Cunning and Resilient both nullify another positive effect compared to their previous versions, Resilient actually nullifies 2, and Cunning adds another debuff. Fierce just cleanse Vulnerability. That’s the only upgrade. They don’t nullify anything different, nor add a debuff. What I’m thinking is for Fierce attacks to apply swap prevention and for Resilients with Pin resistance to lose it.

First, Fierce getting Pin. This would allow further differences between Defense Shattering and Fierce, and it would be a buff to fierce creatures in general.

Second, Resilient creatures losing swap prevention resistance. 18 (13 pure Resilients, 1 Cunning Resilient, 2 Fierce Resilient, and 2 mislabeled Wildcards ) total have some kind of swap prevention, 8 with immunity to Pin. None have lower than 50% and most have 67% or more resistance. The 2 I can see having some resistance are Ardontosaurus and Ardentismaxima, which are Fierce Resilients with Secodontosaurus, which has immunity. But the rest really shouldn’t, though they should be looked at one by one to see if they need it removed or not.

These are just my thoughts, if you have a problem with this idea or an improvement on it, send it in the comments.


The pinning idea is actually a pretty good idea, help to grind it out with the resilients, and cunnings have more pin resistance (idk how it is spread amongst cunnings)


Actually fairly decent. Immunity in cunning’s is high, and so is just resistance. Like there are around 20 cunnings immune

O (not this is getting SUPER technical so stay with me, and I little nickel and dime-ish) fierce actually does nullify something and goes through something! Shields and amor!

I’m saying that it doesn’t nullify anything different than Defense Shattering.

Maybe they could also change cunning attacks to cleanse swap prevention instead of DOT, since besides Scorpius DOT is pretty weak right now (and since cunnings usually attack first, they’ll have to take a turn of DOT anyway).


I think we need more bleed and no escape.


I think it would be better if almost all cunnings will be immune to swap prevention rather then “being able to cleanse it” because you cant cleanse a No escape, but yeah, cleansing dot after you got affected by it (because you were faster) its also a problem.

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Thats true for the game as it is now: there’s no point in cleansing against No Escape. But if these changes were added, inflicted swap prevention would be much more common.

Cleansing dot after you got affected by it its a problem. But like fierce and resilients, they also suffer from this, fast fierce cant cleanse vulnerable aswell as fast resilients cant cleanse distraction but unlike bleed, their health dont decrease by the effect alone.

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I have 1 question. Will fierce still be able to cleanse vulrability because now vulrability is everywhere since 2.9 so I think the pin should just be something added and and not have the cleansing vulrability taken away. Other than that this is a great idea.

If I’m just misunderstanding please forgive me

Ya it still will. All Im saying is add a debuff to the strike. That way it gives it more purposes rather than just cleanse vulnerability ( and given most of the creatures with Fierce attacks are massive carnivores, you wouldnt be escaping anytime soon if they bit you).

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That would give it more of a use for the cleanse if this is implemented. Allow it to counter Fierce even better.

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It nullifies taunt

That doesnt help in PvP at all. Plus Defense Shattering also does that.


I was just saying it does nullify something, not saying that it was helpful or other moves didn’t do it but you had said it doesn’t nullify anything, that’s simply false. lol

In the post, I said it doesnt nullify anything different compared to Defense Shattering Moves, not that it nullifies nothing.

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Love the idea! Maybe fierce could get vulner resist back as well

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Sounds nice. Maybe fierce should have dot as a third attribute. Resilients have three so why not this too

I think each class should cleanse 2 different effects. Fierce would cleanse decel and vulner, cunning would cleanse pin and DoT, resilient would cleanse damage and crit reduction. Or maybe separate moves to cleanse the second debuff.