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A (possible) explanation for Pterovexus' stats


I was pretty surprised when I saw Pterovexus’ stats…they looked way too low for a Unique dino, even with Immunity, Distracting, Nullifying etc.
Then, I happened to notice something…

Did someone forget to change Pterovexus stats from Darwinopterus… :joy:

(seriously though, that Unique definitely needs a buff)


@MNBrian is this correct?


Those are the right stats


Wow!! I knew all the new uniques were bad but that’s terrible. Im not even attempting any of them as it’s just wasted cash


It’s literally a darwinopterus with a better moveset lmao


I don’t make the numbers. I just put them in. :wink:

And yeah, if you want to see a real joke, look at Pterovexus vs Stygidaryx. For the cost of 1 speed, and 10 damage, you get like 900000000 extra health.

Even still… both unique flyers are underwhelming and likely won’t be on many end-game teams.