A possible fix to the fierce problem

So in JWTG we have tons of carnivore hybrids similar to JWA Fierce at the top arenas. In JWA we don’t have enough. So I thought why not ad some fan favorite hybrids from JWTG to the Fierce class to help spice it up a little
Yutyrannus: Rare Nonhybrid Fierce
Specialization: Ferocity, Defense Shattering

Suchoripterus: Legendary Hybrid Fierce
Specialization: Ferocity, Swap In, DOT, Counter-Attack, Swap Prevention

Yudon: Legendary Hybrid Fierce
Specialization: Ferocity, Defense Shattering, Group Attack

Diplosuchus: Legendary Superhybrid Fierce
Specialization: Defense Shattering, Ferocity, DOT, Swap Prevention

Chromaspinus: Unique Hybrid Fierce
Specialization: Defense Shattering, DOT, Swap Prevention, Heal


This is going to sound sacrilegious but I’d propose remaking Suchotator, Thylacotator, Tupandactylus, Purulyth, Grypolyth, Purutaurus, Spinonyx, Megalosuchus, and the medium-sized theropods into the pure Fierce class.


I would love to have Suchoripterus in JWA c:


Agree completely
Except I want Suchotator, Purutaurus, and Thylacotator to stay Wildcard
But all of the medium theropods and everything else can be pure fierce

But what for?

I agree with you that they should stay wildcard although purololyth is a fierce resilient. All of those creatures you listed are completely balanced and really do not need any changes.

Purutaurus not Purrolyth

I really hope Chromaspinus is in JWA.