A possible new part of the meta

Remember those times where you fought lvl 15+ sinos and einosuchus. Well that can’t happen now because of the change in alliance missions. But this will give rise to a kind of scary thought. Over leveled, super buffed and very dangerous baryonyx (1&2), Gorgosuchus, allos and dimetrodons. Mabye at a push trystornix, Megalosuchus and allosino. Amy I the only one who finds that worrying

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That dna will be only for 2 weeks before it changes again. It will be like that from now on, the rewards will change every 2 weeks.


Where do you propose they are going to go? They have already been created. Those that created and boosted them are still going to use them. It isn’t like they are going to disappear or anything. All that reward DNA is still readily available from donations. Many of us have most of what we have accumulated, I know I have not used any of it so have a lot available. I could see those that you mention getting larger.

Someone posted about Thor no longer being a problem due to reward changes also. This was in a different thread. They are all still going to be there, just not leveled up anymore… But, they can all still keep boosting them.

Having the rewards change every two weeks is not enough time to re-create this reward phenomena with other creatures as the DNA is not around long enough. I do not see anyone over-leveling ingredient dino now, at least not from rewards.


I have all those and don’t use them…

It’ll probably result in a lot of Tryos getting stronger. Also overleveled Gorgosuchus. But I like the swap every 2 weeks idea. Maybe eventually we get some Erlikos and such. Darn, I need more Erliko DNA…

desn’t matter. matchmaker is always here to make things “balanced”. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

but this new 2 weeks cycle i hope brings more diversity to arenas.

I wish that the missions stayed longer. Im at the point where the game wants me to get tryo and puts me up againist the creatures it counters

I’m glad and sad sino is gone. I wanted to get my utasinoraptor to level 30 but it’s 27.

The Thor and allosino that are boosted and 1 shot my team aren’t going anywhere so that makes no difference.

With the new rotation dinos aren’t going to be over powered like the ones we have now. That’s a good thing. I’m not sure how they can clean up this Thor mess.

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they will nerf Thor, light up the forum with complaints, then release Allo gen 2, which will essentially be the new Thor but not out of control like Thor now is.

Problem solved

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