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A Possible Pyrri Strat

It might be time consuming, but I’m thinking Carnotaurkus/Keratoporkus/Diloranosaurus/Rajankylosaurus does, in theory, guarentee victory.

Ideally, all would be lvl 20, but they can remain unboosted.

Turn 1: Rajankylosaurus uses the Priority Group Shield to tank Pyrritator’s Cunning Rampage. The Nodosaurus Minion uses it’s own Priority Group Shield, and the Minion Entelodon does it’s Group Shattering attack, while Keratoporkus uses Mutual Fury, Carnotarkus uses Group Decel Rampage, and Diloracheirus does Group Heal.

Because of Carnotarkus’ Greater Rending Counter, the shield on the Entelodon minion should be destroyed by the time the Group Decel Rampage hits, guaranteeing the Entelodon will be down and out for the remainder of the round.

Turn 2: Rajankylosaurus uses Taunting Shields to tank Pyrritator’s Cunning Strike (unless Pyrritator is still faster), while Keratoporkus takes the Nodosaurus down (and if it doesn’t, Diloranosaurus and Carnotarkus could handle the rest). Diloranosaurus uses it’s Cunning Impact while Carnotarkus uses it’s Long Protection Shield.

Turn 3: Diloranosaurus uses Greater Emergency Heal on Rajankylosaurus, Carnotarkus uses ID on Pyrritator, Keratoporkus Rampages and Rajankylosaurus uses Resilient Strike

Turn 4: If Pyrritator survived Turn 3, then Keratoporkus uses MF, Carnotaurkus uses Superiority Strike, Diloranosaurus uses Cunning Impact, and Rajankylosaurus uses it’s Priority Group Shield.

Then Round 2 should start, so repeat steps 1-4.

Unless I’m missing something, this should work!

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On turn one the pyritit attack is rampage for me @Persianking44

Also rajakylo not rajankylo aslo rajakylo has no rampage move

We beat it with Keratoporcus (16), dilo (20), para (17) and tyranno (20)


Updated it to fix some mistakes.

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