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A post to express unpopular opinions

Hello there. As a player base all of us have different opinions about certain issues, and some might not be as popular.

For example:
Mammoth as a Season reward/COTM is a absolute terrible idea and arena will be a big nightmare with Lanias running around.

Feel free to share other unpopular opinions below!


Thoradolosaur needs a buff.
Nerfs can be done right.
Buffs aren’t always a good thing, even if you disregard arena balance.


Geminititan doesn’t need a nerf.


Indo gen 2 doesn’t need a nerf. Now before you get your pitchforks out, I have an explanation. Indo gen 2 can be countered by many things. The 2 towers, porcus, suchotator, ardonto. Once you count in boosts, there are even more. Dio, yoshi (this one can beat Indo gen 2 even without boosts) etc. And even if Indo beat you then you can set up a tank or something. Not to mention swap in moves that will kill a low HP Indo gen 2.


You didn’t need to explain yourself, but since you did, I’m going to counter.

Only 2 of those are from the same rarity as Indoraptor G2. One of the towers might even be nerfed.
We need same-rarity counters for skill tournaments, as well as for the lower arenas where no one has Uniques yet.
Keratoporcus has been badly affected by the Definite Rampage nerf. It isn’t very useful in Legendary Skill tournaments anymore.

That’s because speedsters are negatively affected by the current boost system. That’s a problem that needs to be fixed lol, not a mechanism to balance Indo G2.

You’ll definitely take a hit from it before setting up your tank. That’s a lot of damage, especially if it is set up with MF.


Suchotator is very easy to get and many times there are rares and epics mixed in with legendaries. 1.4k damage isn’t much to a tank. The speed boost system doesn’t need to be fixed.

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Suchotator is only one creature. One counter isn’t remotely enough. Even Gemini has more counters that that.
As for the boost system, that’s debatable.


I like the idea of the topic. Let’s try to keep it about unpopular opinions, or this will just become another rant thread against stupid creatures… I’ll just say, I agree Indo2 doesn’t need a nerf… It’s a bunch of other Legendaries that needed a buff!

My unpouplar opinion. Lania is stupid and needs a nerf… I miss the times when the hybrids got different and better moves but lost some stats compared to the components… Nowadays most of them gets improved in everything, like this freaking creature… it’s basically a Mammotherium stronger in every single aspect…


Well Indo gen 2 is also only 1 creature with some counters of the same rarity. There are lots of creatures that need nerfs way more than Indo gen 2. Stuff like yoshi, indom gen 2, Gemini, moth. Heck even pho is more dominant in legendary tournaments. why is no one calling to need pho? The problem is that info gen 2 is too easy to create. There have been several in nublar jungle.

You clearly haven’t been as active on the forums as I have. A lot of players agree that Phorusaura has way too much HP.

And no, Phorusaura is not more dominant in Legendary tournaments. Indoraptor G2 is compulsory on every team because Entelomoth exists.

And just because another creature needs a nerf more badly does not mean Indo G2 doesn’t need a nerf, that isn’t even logic. Indoraptor G2 has a waaay bigger impact on the arena than any of the creatures you mentioned.

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And it isn’t even that difficult to nerf it without sending it spiralling into oblivion.

~ 4180 HP
~ 1250 attack
~ 40% armour
~ 105 speed

•Persistent Ferocious Strike
•Definite Rampage (Delay:1, Cooldown: 1 )
• Superior Vulnerability
• Regeneration

• Swap-in Defensive Stance
• Immunity to Vulnerability

It’ll lose to Allosino, Thor and Tenontorex due to the reduced speed, but it can beat Alloraptor (no crits).
It’ll beat Maxima (no crits) as well as Dio and Tryko with the right prediction. It’ll do well against Quetzorion too.

SV+DR will take out both Indoraptors with ease

I added Swap-in Defensive Stance for fun, since it lost its Shielding moves, but it isn’t without purpose: it would be able to swap into an Indoraptor (G1 or G2) and still absolutely wreck it.

If Gemini loses Immunity to Vulnerability, Mammolania will almost take it out.


The only reason that people don’t run pho is fear of a hybrid. Same with moth. Lania and Gemini are just more difficult to create and level up. I was just posting some more defining dinos than indo gen 2. And as I said, the reason that indo gen 2 is more dominant in the lower arenas is because it is easy to create and level up.

As for buffing the old Legendaries, just add a new debuff: Dazed. Affected creature has a 75% chance to miss 66% of its damage for x turns.

Then add this debuff to moves like Thagomizer and Bellow, and give chompers the Immunity to being Dazed.
That’ll make Stegodeus, Nodopatotitan, etc more relevant.

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If only there was a rule that easy-to-create creatures are supposed to be less powerful…
Oh wait.

Seriously though, that’s enough. I don’t think either of us is going to convince the other. Agree to disagree.


Unpopular opinion :
I like oversized turtle shell on Lania
Making more counters is better than nerfing
Ardont needs a buff
Nerfing Procerathomimus is a bad idea


How is nerfing yoshi a bad idea? It’s literally the joint best creature in epic tournaments (with indom gen 2) and then it’s rixis. After that, there’s a huge gap in terms of power. There’s almost no counters to yoshi in epic hybrid skill tournaments and even in advantage where it’s supposed to nerf speedsters, Yoshi is still a clear number 2 behind indom gen 2. Sure, it isn’t too overpowered in higher arenas, but it wreaks havoc in lower arenas and tournaments.

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I even thought of that. What folks don’t realize, (or maybe they do) is that after an event, things start to tend due to accessibility.

THAT would be a nightmare!

Everyone complains about indo2 and XmasBird already… I can only imagine the comments at that point, lololol

What are the two towers? Gemini and Maxima?


ten characters

Another unpopular opinion from me:
Championships are terrible, not only does it tear apart alliances(over 10 takedowns), it also floods the arena with the Championship creature like Tenrex and soon Ardentis. Imagine a Gemini or Lania championship, it’ll be a nightmare and will kill the game for good