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A Problem no one's Talking About

The biggest problem is the moment they fix one, another comes out. So its never ending.

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Plus all herbervores are resilient and some even have heal

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If its not balanced, the entire system will crash. And they keep adding CUNNING CUNNING CUNNING.
All cunnings have distraction, which will leave fierce in the dust.

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Cunnings beating fierce with Distraction isn’t a problem though, that’s by design. It’s more problematic that a) many top tier cunnings/part cunnings have the stats and abilities to dominate everything, including other cunnings and even resilients (their class is almost irrelevant in this issue) and b) there are hardly any pure fierce to choose from in the first place, and they lag behind those top-tiers anyway.


Typically, but this isn’t a strict rule. Sloths are (mostly) herbivorous, but cunning. Titanoboa and many dinos with the medium therapod animations are resilient, but carnivorous. And there are numerous other examples as well. It’s inaccurate to say that there’s a rule that herbivores have to be resilients or that resilients have to be herbivores.


Draco gen 2 is fierce but it’s also a herbivore


Erlikosaurus and Edaphosaurus though

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Notice how technically a majority of those purebred cunnings are flocks (dodocevia is not a wildcard). Compare them to the other purerbreds lets say the continentals. I think the problem is that some of the flocks/flock mechanics being a mix of cunning and resilient playstyle and the mixed classed cunnings are the 1s the generally slaughter fierce nowadays. Moves that also do everything from every class in 1 turn are also a problem that puts the og cautious strike to shame. Another thing is how fierce have terrible diversity on swap ins/on escapes. Resilients have swap ins like heal, ss, shields and cunnings have dodge, distract, in the case of flocks rally (clearly cunning resilient) and then theres those all in 1 moves on mixed classes. The similar thing for on escapes. Fierce have only swap in dmg and ferocity on very few of them compared to the amount of cunnings and resilients that have swap ins and on escapes. Then these swap ins are backed up by terrible stats that provide no survivability which is made more bad when most fierce are slower than the majority of resilients by base speed for some reason. Then for on escape there’s mostly no escape. Which is stupid when the majority of things immune/resistant to pin are resilients

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Yeah he original is resilient so why isnt the gen resilient?

Because the gen 1 and 2 don’t have to be the same class. Indo and indo gen 2 aren’t the same class either, one is cunning fierce while the other one is only cunning.


A couple months into playing I realized that Fierce as a class was not up to par with other dinosaurs, even at a low level. I would have my Tarbosaurus with level parity to other dinosaurs I was facing, and yet these Resilients were beating it easily, when in balance theory this should not be happening. Tarbo was being outdamaged by moves like Rampage and Devastation on dinosaurs that also have big health pools, armor, shields, slows, healing, all stacked into abilities that each do 2-3 of things in addition to doing damage. So we have this Fierce class where all they really do is ignore armor and shields and nothing else, with damage output that is, in many cases, laughably lower than both Resilient and Cunning.

It seems that as the rarity increases, Fierce finds a little bit more of a voice, but even then, they just feel outclassed by dual-class Fierce dinosaurs, which enjoy the shield-breaking/armor ignoring moves while also incorporating the broadly useful Cunning and Resilient moves.


I wasnt paying much attention

Definitely need some more end game fierce dinos.
Like they could easily make some end game uniques with
kera, the crocs and some flyers.
They could also add more new common/rare/epic carnivores.

The only end game fierce dinos you have are IndoT and mortem/thor.


About 1/2 of my collection is all cunning, not much fierce.