A proposition to get level 20 sancs in your alliance!

Hi, if you are the leader of an alliance who does not have level 20 sanctuaries, i would like to make it happen. I want to do cross alliance sanctuaries with an alliance who needs it! Please DM me on discord at ExtinctBuckle22#1511 if you want to benefit your alliance!

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How does it work?

so i find a sanc near my house, place a guy in when im in my alliance, then i leave and join another alliance, place another guy in the same sanctuary, and then both alliances have access to it. with two alliances contributing to the same sanctuary, give it some time and more sancs and it will be at level 20! both alliances benefit!

I’ll DM you on Discord.

You’ll need the buy in from all players in both alliances and it would also help to place high level dinos where possible to speed up the levelling.

Players need to understand the benefit of FIPping the build sanctuary rather than the ones they have placed dinos in.

I’ve taken over as leader of an alliance and improved sanctuaries is my goal. We’ve got help from my main alliance (where we have 4 level 20 sanctuaries) so can get some level 30s placed to help it grow.

It takes time to get people on board but also to make sure that they follow the process otherwise the slotting can get messed up.

yeah it does but in two days ive gotten 5 alliaces working on the same sacntuary and its already almost level 8

Nice that you’ve got 5 onboard, good work there. The problem we have found is that some players keep focusing on their own sanctuaries - which if it is taking a few days to get to level 8 seems like it may be the case there.

I’d like to get another alliance in with us to see if we can get up to 20. We’re reaching 12-15 (thanks in part to the high levels being put in for us).

Maybe we can do something together in the future.

maybe. that would be fun

Hi ExtinctBuckle22… I’ve sent you a friend request in Discord. I’d like to learn more about this opportunity for my alliance. My username on Discord is Bly29#5276

At the request of my alliance, I have reached out to you on Discord.