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A Quandary - Procera or Monostego

I have a Procera at level 22 (set to move to 23). I benched this little bird when the new meta hit and the ability to evade was nerfed. I also have a level 19 Monostego that can go to 20 right now. I don’t have coin to invest in both at the moment. Given the current state of the game which do people feel has the more valuable kit? Here is the rest of the team right now…

A well boosted Mono will withstand attacks from chompers better than the green chicken, but, it has to go first so if you can’t boost its speed then maybe go for the green chicken. Then it becomes luck, and from my experience it doesn’t work out too well as there is the rat to contend with that will often take your chicken out in one swap in hit.
This is less likely with Mono having higher health and armour.
I’ve had Mono in my team from its creation, and with its buff in 1.8 is cool. But it’s boosted 6/6/6 at level 25 now.


Thanks @Schtemty. Can boost it a bit now and more later. Yes, my fear is that adding another glass cannon to my team with so many rats might be a bad move.

@AndreMR I know you love your Procera. How has it held up in this meta? Seems like Thor or rat could one shot it?

MEGA Becky, that’s all I’m saying

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procera is my favourite dino in my team. it’s no way the strongest, but the most strategic.

its key is speed. 131 at base, the fastest hybrid in jwa now. this means you can use it to beat speed boosted like magna or some others, 1v1 or as a revenge.

this and rat are why i use to save it for later, when opponent already brought rat or some fast dino.

boosted rat can one shot a lot of dinos, but i believe we don’t need a full team to counter just one. when im ratted, i chose a rat counter or swap to my own rat too.

but… monostegotops is a VERY DIFFERENT creature, and for what i learned way good too. i only used mono in friendly battles yet, because its not boosted. i’m waiting to unlock one more dino (spyx) to decide what change in my team… probably change indoraptor for monostegotops and suchotator for erlikospyx.

but i use to test a lot in friendly first.

i would say it depends on how you play and what difficult you are experiencing in arena nowadays. if you need a speedster or a stronger role.

only thing i am sure yoshi beats mono is matchmaker algorithm hahaha. lower rarity = lower score. i hope ludia changes this insanity.


Thanks @AndreMR. You say it is good against Magna. How would you play her given that Magna has immunity?


magna is low health, no armor, no shield, no counter, no instant move.

procera finish it at 2nd turn if not swapped out. as a revenger even better, because a hurted magna yoshi does basic move and finishes it, and is ready to dist rampage next.

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There are rumours procera may get a nerf sooner or later, so this might be a consideration in your end game team?


Side story/hint:
There once was a wicked person who we won’t name that drove down several long roads on their way home from work five days a week. They had the game open and would never consider trying to dart anything because that’s reckless. However this person spun stops during this drive and maxed out the coins allowed from stops on a regular basis. Coins really became less of an issue when they did this regularly.


endgame is questionable. indoraptor was good, now is way down in arena performance. monostegotops was stronger, then nerfed, then buffed again. if we manage team based on expectations we don’t change any thing.

dracorat was expected to get nerf since 1.6 and it’s still a tyrant.

dioraja was questionable now is tyrant, as for tenonto, gemini…

i really don’t like idea of ludia keeping rebalancing teams every update. you spend many months to get a hybrid and it’s useless because of a nerf, while other you didn’t gets a buff.

and with boosts, the mess is here: you spend boosts and dna and your dino gets a nerf and bye bye all you spent.



Agreed. One of the reasons I am looking who to upgrade is that I want to replace Indo on my roster. I have a level 24/25 sucho but with all the immune dinos he’s not so great anymore. I unlocked Touramoloch, but not much point in having him on the team right now, needs an instant stun or something. I do wonder if they will nerf procera and possibly mono given how good they are.

At 23 Procera is ready to go at team level. Can be a starter or finisher, depending on if you have any rat killers (Thor, Erlidom) selected also. Mono is better at team level, but underpowered if too far below like at 20. If you’re doing good and holding steady in the arena without either of them, then I’d just wait until the 1.9 patch notes get released.

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I have both Yoshi and Monosteg in my team. Yoshi is level 21, and Monosteg is 22 - currently the highest leveled in my roster. Both are boosted to the 4th tiers of their stats, and I’m considering buffing Monosteg to her 5 stats.

Anyway, I use both of them in my team, and they are pretty good - I use Yoshi for those raptors, but there are those moments where a raptor has tier 6/7 stats in speed… Which screws over Yoshi… But when he’s faster, he’s a beast. Can one shot most of the Utahsino that I see, cripple all the chompers that I see, and can ‘box’ around with Rat. I use Yoshi to prevent stuns, and Monosteg for the health and to slow them down, should I face one that has the potential to outspeed me should it use SUS.

Both have their strengths and weaknesses, and I take both into consideration when I level them up. I kinda see them both as one version of the other - Yoshi is basically Monosteg, only faster and more fragile, and Monosteg is Yoshi, only bulkier and slower. And while Monosteg doesn’t have a Rampage move, the crits do help when they happen.

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I vote green chicken, but I’m very biased. I love mine, I can out-speed almost anything with that little guy, and he’s handled a few Thors pretty well, as long as they weren’t too boosted. True, the evasion no longer works as it used to, but I rarely used it before anyway. My Procera hits hard enough that I’m content with getting in hits instead of trying to avoid them.

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Sage advice. Any idea when 1.9 info might be coming?

I had to bench my chicken for a bit until I got it back up to 23 and some extra boosts for the rampant Thor’s. Monostego was my replacement and I was able to level it up quickly. So I would say get moving on that monostego because it can be a real gem against Thor’s and Tryko if you get it leveled. Typically when I’m deciding between two I put money in one and stats in the other.

So you could money up your Procera and start sinking all your boosts in monostego so that when you do get the cash back up to level it, it will increase in stats better.

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@AndreMR - you have said that you have used the Proc against Thors. Can you tell me how? I am just going through the moves and in my head it is Proc starts with ID, Thor uses DSI. Proc uses DI and does takes 1/2 to 2/3 of Thor’s life. Thor hits with DSI and goodby Proc. Is this not correct? Apologies for asking, but just not sure I am playing her correctly.

It’s easy to take down Thor with Procera…

1 Instant distract - Thor does normal move
2. Distract rampage - Thor user will usually try instant stun at this point, but Procera is immune and typically will take down Thor.
3. if necessary, Procera does nullify strike to finish Thor off or get hit on swapped Dino. Distract again and you have rampage ready to go.

Some people will send the rat out right away to take Procera out so make sure you have health boosted a bit.

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One other thing…Procera is much better used strategically like Tryostronix. Weaken a Dino down with your first Dino and let it die. Bring in Procera and you can typically take out 2 Dinos right away. First weakened Dino and then rampage on second Dino.


That strategy makes sense, the first doesn’t for me, unless Proc is several levels higher than Thor.

Thanks for your reply @MHSzymczyk