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A question about an achievement

Drone Deadshot

Get 10 Direct Hits on 1 Epic creature with 1 Drone.



Section : Map

Visibility : Generic

Prerequisite :

[Perfect 10]

This is one of the achievements to unlock “reach player level 11” … is that just badly translated or should I really get 10 direct hits in an epic with just one threat attempt? If so, am I just such a bad shooter or do you regularly shoot 10 direct hits at an epic dinosaur when you only get 10-11 arrows out in that time?

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Without being VIP it’s really tough… I must have got that about only 3 or 4 times in years playing this

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Yeah, I feel like the only way I could at least have some chance at getting this achievement is by darting the epic koolasuchus with full drone battery


I’d say do away with this achievement. Or at least dont make it a requirement to unlock more. I’m never gonna get that anytime soon.


Good Idea… and even then you still need a lot of luck, but as achievements to unlock “reach player level 11” … that is really unreal.

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I always feel a warm glow of satisfaction if I hit 5 direct hits on an epic, so I won’t be getting that one and that’s for sure!

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It’s really no different than hitting a single dino 15 times. Without VIP it’s all but impossible.

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This achievement is just annoying without VIP. It’s even more annoying since it’s blocking access to rank 11, after which ranking up is just smooth sailing.

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I second this, seems impossible to me

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