A question about collection items


Why isn’t it possible to use extra collection items you already have in timered collections?

Image one: current item stock


Image two: items not usable

Am I missing something?


Hello there!

If you look closely, the border of both items have different colours. They’re not exactly the same.

Hope this helps!


Hi Marcus,
Thank you for taking the time to respond, but your reply doesn’t answer my question.
I know the borders are different, but I gained the 36 items from different sources, and I know the borders denote where an item can be obtained - as far as I can tell the border colours are a feature that’s supposed to be informative, not restrictive. Green denotes finding in island exploration, purple means you can buy them from Johann. Over time and from different sources in-game I have amassed a surplus of this particular item, and I’m asking why, mechanically, the game is forcing the player to search for new versions of the items when the timered events come up, even though the item is e x a c t l y t h e s a m e as the ones I already have plenty of in the ‘inventory’.
In the normal collections the game doesn’t just not count an item if you bought in stead of found it and the collection has it designated as green - as long as the thing itself matches and the background matches, it’s fine.

As far as I can tell regarding the time-limited collections this is either a bug or a deliberate attempt to make successfully completing them without spending runes/money harder than they actually need to be.
I guess I hoped the answer to my question wasn’t that cynical :confused: