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A Question about Earth Shattering

I’m a level 41 player, but I don’t even have Tuojiangosaurus or Pelecanimimus unlocked and I was wondering if it was a matter of patience and waiting for the events to cycle through, or if at a certain level you would stop getting the common Earth Shattering events, and then rare etc…

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Those two are locked creatures. They don’t have earth shattering events. Unless you unlocked them pre shuffle they’ll be forever locked until ludia decides.

Oh ok. And can we unlock any Earth Shattering creature no matter our player level?

You get common unlock weeks and rare unlock weeks which are available to anyone of any level, I think this week is a rare unlock week? Might be wrong though.

Super rare and legendary unlocks are available once you reach a certain level usually around 55.


Nope they’re all level restricted. But there’ll be common and rare unlock week for higher level players. Rare unlock week is going on right now .

In rare unlock week the earth shattering events are lv55+ .

Ah ok didnt know that, seems pretty high.

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Ok I get it now, thanks a lot for the info :grin:

It’s because regular earth shattering events of rares in available to lv20-54. So it makes sense that the rare unlock week is available to lv55+.


I will now unlock mono

I’ll unlock carnotaurus.