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A question about Hackers

Why doesn’t Ludia ban hackers and cheaters they ruin the gameplay i am trying my best to get the things i need in the game but when i see someone hacked the game got many things it pissed me off Ludia please ban this hackers for good

How is it they are ruining the game play? It’s not like you actually have to compete against them, as in other games. Personally I’ve never understood cheating at a game in order to win, as I like the feeling of pride I get for learning to master and beat it on my own, so if anything, I feel kind of sad for those that have to hack their way through because they are too insecure and immature to play it without cheating. Try thinking of it that way and maybe it won’t bother you so much.


I do not understand how you identify hackers. There is no interaction with other players.

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You can spot them on Social Media posts about the game. “Look at my infinite VIP points and DB, which allows me to do whatever I want in the game” I agree with @Mary_Jo and it just makes me think of sad people that need to cheat at something to then make themselves feel better. I just move along and disregard them from my thoughts.


There’s also Facebook groups for people that want help hacking the game, as is typical for many popular games. People will often pay hackers to go into freemium games like these and hack them to max out all the resources. Which of course makes it super-easy for them to win in tournaments since they can use their maxed-out dollars for speedups. As far as I can tell though, the game is designed to not let them affect other players in any way. A lot of times that’s a much easier way to handle them than trying to stay ahead of the hacks.

To some degree I can see wanting a shortcut to getting your dinosaurs hatched out and leveled up (the long hatch times really do drive me crazy having to wait days upon days upon days just for a single hatch to complete… ) but I just wouldn’t enjoy a game if all the challenge to playing it was removed. One of the other games I played to get Tapjoy rewards was one called Coin Master. I kind of got into playing it for a little while longer than the reward required, and in looking for help with it, discovered it is HUGELY popular, with dozens of groups on FB for players to trade the cards that you have to search for and collect in the game. But after the novelty wore off, I found the game so boring and repetitive and just not very interesting, it basically is like playing a slot machine combined with something like baseball card collecting, and spending an hour opening chests in hope of finding just ONE new card was finally too much for me, there was so little strategy or thought involved in playing that I finally just quit and gave all my cards that I could to other players. And yet, there seem to be thousands if not millions of people that love to just sit there and spin that wheel over and over and over, and open chest after chest after chest every day… no thanks.

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I don’t care if someone cheats and presents his achievements on any platform. The only thing that bothers me is if it has any impact on my gameplay what those people are doing.
That is what I meant with interacting. They can do whatever they want if it satisfies them as long as the fair players do not encounter any problems.


Thats your opinion but in my opinion they ruin fun of the game they simply get everything maxed while i am playing normal and trying to get Dinos it is clearly no fair to me they should get banned

I don’t think they should ban hackers, it takes so long to wait for everything in this game and have infinite resources stops people from getting bored and leaving because they can get all the new creatures and dont have to wait a year for a frickin megalosaurus to get hatched in the GOD DAMN HATCHERY. It doesnt get in the way of other people and i think instead of banning hackers they should reduce the need for hacks by making things faster and not having to spend £40 on a garbage legendary when vip creatures are 10 times better so whats the point? And hackers still have to work to win tournament and battles no matter how much bucks they have. SO LIKE NO. Hackers aren’t good but they aren’t bad, they’re just impatient and would rather be happy then and there. Can anyone tell me how to hack btw XD I think i deserve more than 2 weeks worth of bucks for £100 Ludia pls give me stuff

By design this is a long term game. Folk that hack it want to get everything quickly and are likely going to loose interest quickly. The development, pace, and building of the game are going to be lost on them. So meh. Good for them to be able to adjust root stuff. It’s neither hard nor fun at that point. It’s like buying prebuilt model airplanes.


#1) OMG did you ever necro a 3+ month old thread @ImElusiveYT!!

#2) 100% took the words out of my mouth @Potato… Also @Sionsith addressed this pretty well…

Hackers on a cell phone game just need to find better hobbies that suit their impatient desires. FPS console games with incessant rewards flying at them for every button they press (here’s looking at you every CoD game ever and/or Fortnight) would suffice nicely.


Are you sure the hackers don’t make the game a lot harder for us non hackers?

If I am fighting to get into and stay in Dominator leagues and they have endless supplies of dino bucks then even if I am not actually directly fighting against them they are still pushing me down the order? Need to be in top 1% as I understand it.

(Set up this forum account just to ask this question).

We’re pretty sure the other people in your bracket are just names Ludia has stuck in as placeholders. We’re not sure what drives the increases in the various ranks, but it’s too regular and too uniform across all participants to be actual players in your bracket

Oh I agree with you there but these hackers are probably in my bracket above me or coming from below. That’s what I am getting at.

They’re not hackers in your bracket. They’re not real people at all. They’re just bots created by Ludia, possibly borrowing the names and profile pictures of actual players

I still don’t get it. When I have looked in the tables and seen other players screenshots showing how they are getting on I am pretty sure I have seen them in my league table on roughly the points that they showed they had.

I’ll probably need yet another year playing before I work it out.

Thanks for the reply though.

The following is speculation but it is rooted in lots of data collection… There is an algorithm that is working in the background for every tournament that steadily increases the ranks of all the brackets. The bracket that you are in is yours and only yours, every position is computer generated to give you a display of where you stand on the algorithm.

Let’s say the algorithm does capture data on every player within the game (fairly certain it does not do this) hackers would have a negligible affect on the standings for a couple of reasons.

1st they have to actually do all of the battles, they can’t hack their scores so they would have to actually put the time in to complete the 60-80 battles needed to make the bottom of Dominator, which would most likely go against their need for instant gratification mentality which is why they hacked the game in the first place.

2nd if they did actually put the time in there are far fewer hackers (my guess) then there are straight up players so they would have a negligible affect on the overall standings as they would most likely account as a rounding error.

3rd the data collected of tournaments over the last 8 or 9 months has to much predictability to believe that it is anything other than a predetermined score that is required to land in Dominator or any other league.

Ludia does a decent job of displaying it as a tournament where you are fighting for your spot against other players but the reality is you are fighting for a score on a predetermined curve that will be high enough to qualify you for the league you are aiming for.

Just MHO but that opinion is rooted in a decent amount of data.



Thank you for the reply.

I understand now.