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A question about Monolophosaurus from a returning player

So I’ve come back to the game after a few months and am the only rare I’m missing is Monolophosaurus. I saw that it’s an event only unlock and thought that’s ok and looked through previous schedules to see if there was any order the earth shatterijg events happened in (which there didn’t seem to be since a we have had 2 kapro events since the mono one I saw) but then I realised that the mono event is for players under level 54 and you battle to unlock a different Dino 55+. Problem is I’m level 56 so does this mean I’m just not going to unlock it and have to grind away hoping to pull 4 more in a pack or get them at the harbour?

Sometimes they do have a rare unlock week for the higher lvl players


Ah ok thanks. Hope that happens soon

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I purchased my Monolophosaurus by using dino bucks. I see why you are returning to JWTG as soon as I see the Indoraptor Gen 2 in your profile picture,beware the Indoraptor Gen 2 has also arrived in this game,at least it is not broken yet.

1 Monolophosaurus costs you 1750 DB per Dino,but you do not have to hatch it and it is already at level 10 when you purchase it with DB.

Funnily enough I misremembered how many monos I needed. Thought it was 4 but it was only 1. Just bought it so Tapajalo here I come

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I need only 1. I have purchased 3 with DB and won 4 in modded PvP

I usually get them from mystery packs or prize drops.