A question for the REAL JWA experts

So here is the deal. My team is made up with a slough 21-22’s with a 25 suchotator thrown in for good measure. I have been battling in the ruins for a good couple of months with no real gain or loss of trophy’s. Then 1.8 came out…I shot up the board at the beginning of the new season maxing out at 4214 trophy count. The battles I have had in the estates have been fairly even. I have now begun my slide back to reality and currently have 4033 trophy’s. However yesterday I fell to about 3800. So here is the question. The moment I fell back into the ruins, my battles started consisting of high level 24-26’s. I didn’t see any of this in Lockwood.

Why is that?

Are people staying in the Ruins on purpose?

I’d love to know who is a real JWA expert !
Especially when it comes to matchmaking which makes no sense at all at the moment . My sons account is at 33… and he’s level 14 . His last three matches have been against teams with level 23 and 24 uniques at level 19 and 20 which is crazy as he hasn’t got any uniques at all !
It seems there is some serious weird stuff going on , and that’s for sure !

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Trophy count (which arena you’re in) apparently means nothing now. Just because you’re in Ruins doesn’t mean you’re battling someone else in ruins.

All this because a few people thought arena droppers were ruining the game. This is Ludia’s answer to thwart arena droppers.
Game’s much better now, eh?

You’re welcome.

p.s. That L25 Suchotator is why you’re seeing higher level teams. Try to even out your team.

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Ok poor choice of words…Basically I just want anyone’s opinion who has seen this or might have an educated guess.

I could be one of those he is pitted against.

I am level 20 and have a crew of 22 – 23 Unique with some legendary thrown in. I am at 33… trophies. I am not an arena dropper. I remain unboosted and this is where I end up in trophies with my team strength/ability level. I regularly get whoomped by level 16 - 20 Legendary, rare and Epic boosted dino. When I rise to 3500 trophies I get trashed by level boosted 24 – 25 Unique/Legendary and pounded back down to 3200.

It is apparently the new norm in Marshes. We can get matched with those rising from the depths and those falling from above.

Well it’s total madness , I checked and you weren’t one of them though . His highest Dino is a level 20 Allino boosted 3/3/3 , he has Trago at level 17 , sucho at 20 , Irritator gen 2 at 20 , Erli epic at 20 , Utana at 17 , Mira at 20 and he faces level 23 - 25 uniques !!!
Strangely he won against two of them though :slight_smile:

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It is not strange at all. It will depend on how his opponents are boosted, if at all. I have battled similar teams to mine down here that were not boosted at all, great battles. Not everyone jumped on the boost bandwagon and not everyone wants to.

I fall in trophies to where even boosted and faster, they simply cannot one-shot me anymore and I start to win. Those boosted Allosino are just the same as Thor and those boosted Utahsino can be deadly. If their whole team is faster than anything I have, it gives them a huge advantage.

I simply do not care about trophy count and it does not matter where I end up. If I end up at 2000 trophies, so what? One or two less boosts in the daily? I am not using them anyway. Less dna in incubators? I have created almost all the dino and brought them all up to my team level, no need for tons of dna.

I do miss fun battles. Battles where there was some strategy involved. Not simply who has the larger faster creature and can drop the Rat in more times. I still put in Monlometrodon, Tanny, Velociraptor, Giga and any number of others. I’ll lose a few and start facing those boosted level 15 sino, then perhaps I can win a few. Next… Those folks in Mt. Sibo will come on asking why they are battling Unique down there!!!

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Anything around Lockwood like in the 3800-4200 range is tough territory once you start getting to the point of creating Uniques. At least in my experience, now I hover around 4900-5100. I guess it’s even harder now with boosts but wasting them on legendaries, rares, or commons is a waste.

What a fantastic attitude !
I love this and genuinely feel like it’s the way forward .
I’ve been letting the game get me down on my account , with overpowered Draco and Thor in the Aviary spoiling my fun . But when I read what you’ve said I can totally see where you are coming from .
Thanks for cheering me up :slight_smile:


It isn’t easy though, you have to get your mind right. I am losing to boosted level 16 Legendary and Epic down here. It is extremely frustrating to have spent the past year building teams just to have the building blocks of them trash your work. When a level 16 or 17 Legendary comes in and can run your team because they dumped every boost into it, you have to just move on.

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I’ll add that there seem to have been a lot of higher level players that dropped down in rankings during 1.7 (either because of bad matchmaking or on purpose). It seems like many of these players put their stronger dinos in at the start of 1.8 and they had to filter back up through the ranks, beating the crap out of everyone on the way back up.

I saw much more stable and fair matches in Sorna Marshes yesterday, and today it was even better. Every match was an even challenge. No 0-3 or 3-0 blowouts either way. No more boosted 22s against my team of 17-20s. I think that things are settling out and I’m hoping it stays this way.

Right now, it looks like PvP in Sorna Marshes (Arena 7) is working just fine.

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