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Ludia, when will we get another great Amphibian and Reef because seriously? Gorgosuchus is still the best and come on Ludia, we’ve got more than enough Caves and Surfaces for the best aquatics as we only have Henodus and Rhomaleosaurus and they are not in the top 10 due to the Hynecoprion come on, pls Ludia if you are seeing this give us a strong Ampibian and Reef.


You know that through the years a topic like this have been created almost all week…they don’t want to see the carnos lost the top position, that is what I think, maybe it’s the surface case now…


Hmmmm, intresting.

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Ludia must be taking notes

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Yeah, I agree with the fact that we need a strong amphibian hybrid.

I do have some good news, though (I guess). One of the mods said that we won’t see one in 2021 but in the future. Of course, it can be this year, next year, but still, at least the developers are aware of that.


Keith said something about possibly this year I think

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Yeah as the best creatures in my opinion are unfair as it should be this:
3 Carnivores
3 Herbivores
2 Pterosaurs
2 Amphibians

Necro-posting (reviving old threads).