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I’ve seen a lot of posts saying that ferocity is not exactly attack times 3.2 plus health, and also a lot of explanations, but honestly, I don’t understand them. Can someone explain in deeper detail?

Sadly, I am unable to respond to this, as I have not spent time investing the mechanics of the game. Perhaps you could ask someone like @Sionsith?

People say this but it’s the most accurate way to calculate ferocity as of now

I know, but there was a hidden number that we haven’t figured out yet that people have been saying is different from the 3.2 times attack that most of us know. I’m not asking what the number is, but what brought them to this conclusion.

Who do you mean by “them”?

I believe it was @Sionsith, @Mary_Jo, @OstaposaurusBae and someone else who came to the conclusion, and I was trying to find out how to potentially figure out this number (very unlikely though)

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I reckon that someone else was @Jambo

F=H+3.2A is the best formula to use. There are a few very fringe cases where the game will mess up in ranking creatures, where, for example, creature A and B have the same attack but creature A has 1 more health point, but the game says creature B has higher ferocity. There are multiple documented instances of this occurring. I explain in full in this thread, but the short version is that while I’m convinced the game uses the formula F=H/3.2+A to calculate ferocity, the original formula I derived of F=H+3.2A is perfectly acceptable and is in fact more accurate than what the game uses internally.

If you were wanting to know how to derive the attack multiplier, just look at 2 VIPs of the same level. Just solve x1+y1C=x2+y2C, where C is the attack constant, and x1 y1 are the health/attack of one VIP, and x2 and y2 are the health/attack of the other VIP. Depending on which creatures you use to derive it you’ll get a slight variation in the attack constant, but it’s always very, very close to 3.2.


I think the formula is correct, at least it is the best we have. These sorting anomalies are most likely caused by some kind of rounding Ludia uses for the result.

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Sionsith found the ferocity formula F = A * 3.2 + HP, Mary Jo created the spreadsheet that uses the formula to auto-calculate ferocities, I applied it into a context of “how to balance your lineup using ferocity.” So I’d say Sionsith is credited with finding the formula.


I beat Sionsith to deriving the ferocity equation by a few months, but I was more involved with the JWTG Facebook group at the time so that’s where I posted it, whereas he posted it on these forums when he came to the same conclusion a few months later. I’m not accusing him of stealing my work, to be clear, we both came to the same conclusion independently.

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Ferocity is kind of messed up