A question of skill over luck

A question for people who claim that skill is more important in this game than luck; what game are you playing? Because it certainly isnt this one. The dinos you are able to raise to a sufficient level are determined by luck; which dinos spawn what dna you get from incubators, etc, etc. Random team rolls at the beginning of battles basically determine who is going to win, only the fact that the rolls are hidden deludes people into thinking otherwise. Matchups are often decided by lucky crits, and then of course there’s the fact that the vast majority of overused dinosaurs in the game make use of either stun or dodge; two very rng dependant mechanics.

This isnt a question of whether rng is good for a game or not, as that is a personal preference. I can personally tolerate a certain amount of rng in a game if it’s implemented correctly, i.e; it’s not obnoxiously overt and it is possible to compensate for bad luck with skill. That is simply not the case in this game; no amount of skilful play will compensate for being stunned 3 times in a row, for an indominus double-dodging for a cloak rampage, for your opponent’s last dinosaur being one neither of your remaining dinos can defeat even though you have such a dinosaur on your team that wasnt rolled. This is a question for people whose advice to people struggling in arena basically amounts to ‘get better at the game’, precisely how do you get better at getting lucky?


Oh man just wait for the “you just don’t know how to use it” comments coming for people with insanely good Dino’s.
Although even :guitar: :memo: :scissors: events have repeat winners which would seem mathematically impossible.
There is skill involved absolutely but that’s only good enough for 100 maybe 200 trophies at most and then it will come back to luck and of course your team

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:guitar: could’ve represented rock to make your emoji trifecta complete ?

Or maybe this guy ? :moyai:


Dam that’s good. I really should have thought of that. I’m going back to edit it now.

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The way to get better at getting luck is to increase your chance. Extended through enough chances all luck starts to come closer to the mean. In other words, yes, you may have bad luck in 3 straight scenarios but to combat this you can make as many scenarios as possible so you have more wins in said scenarios even if you have worse luck if your team is better. And RNG will reward those who have the most scenarios of chance for accomplishment every time if their team is an odds on favorite.

I know this hurts to hear but folks above you also fought RNG and they did more to get ahead.


All fights are subject to a certain percentage of RNG no matter the composition. If you build a team with a better percentage chance to win you will overcome the odds. Vegas was built on this principal. You can bring a rabbits foot to every battle and win a few but it won’t help in the long run. Odds are odds, folks can beat the house short term causing you to claim everything is all luck etc…but it’s not. If it was there would be some lucky lv 16 teams in the top 100 but that’s not happening either. Claiming this is all chance is betting against the house.

Give yourself better odds by building a better team than the competition.


when i play roulette i know there is an outcome and i bet higher untill that outcome happens. so i beat luck!!! so i guess level higher and win more. but it all plateaus at the end.

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Exactly how do you ‘increase your chance’? What is the super secret training technique that increases your luck?

Look; at its core this game is a rock-paper-scissors style game. Dinosaurs win against some and lose against others. Unfortunately the four you get to use is determined at random, making it impossible to improve your odds through deliberate effort. In addition those winning matchups are often reliant on NOT getting crit to hell, or NOT getting stunned, or the opponent NOT dodging. Sure, you could increase your odds of having a way to beat ONE dino by adding more of its bad matchups to your team, and then lose more than half your games when that one dinosaur isnt randomly rolled to your opponent’s team. Alternatively, I can try to level up the dinos that I need. I just need to get, say it with me now, LUCKY and get the dna for the dinos I need.

Ultimately; the only way to compensate for luck in this game is with more luck, which is ridiculous. The rng isnt an additional feature of this game, it IS this game.


if you use the same 8 then you are familiar. not like you are using new dinos all of a sudden. so yes, skill is used.

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While I do believe the game uses both luck and skill. There is exactly zero skill in the bin chicken dodging 3 times in a row or more and hitting 1.5 moves untouched

‘Skill’ in this context being used solely to describe the ability to push the attack buttons in the right order as determined by what dino you’ve ended up facing, and then hoping rng doesnt screw you.

That’s all horse stuff.

Certain dinos at certain levels will hold a better win percentage over time regardless of RNG. RNG effects all of us the same over time and you aren’t special. Get those dinos that give a statistical advantage and use those dinos. Use that fractional advantage to be higher ranked than the comp.

That’s it.

Or you can give up and just think everyone better than you is lucky.


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You really seem to absolutely hate this game. Why do you even play?


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I’m not saying that everyone better than me is lucky; I am saying that luck is far too overt in this game. It robs all sense of agency. Far too often the outcome of a game is determined by a last second crit, the opponent happening to have exactly the dino they needed in the back, that 15% stun chance, etc etc. If the advice is ‘improving the team’, then you’re still saying I have to get lucky and get the dna needed to do so.

I’m not going to get into a debate about whether it’s for better or worse, I simply dont understand how anyone playing this game can fail to see how little agency we have in this when so much is determined by luck.

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I honestly dont; if I hated it entirely I’d have dropped it long ago. The game has so much going for it, which is why stuff like this that really ruin my experience while playing really get to me. Stuff that’s just ‘meh’ that throws up a glaring flaw; I’ll just walk away. Its stuff I like that I get really worked up about when it acts up.