A question of skill over luck


this is the game man lol.


they do give you like 10 seconds to think lol. maybe ask them to give you 5 minutes… maybe a day to think it through…


If you can actually pre-emptively plan your games with so many possible teams you must be some kind of savant or something.


there are things that are unpredictable. like dino level. which dinos there are on the other team. those arent controlled by rng.


I want to say even if you can choose your 4 dinos, you still cannot plan ahead since you don’t know what your next opponent will have. You can still get countered by their dinos, decisions have to be made based on current situations. The best strategists are those who can make the best decisions based on current circumstances. Battle tide may change every round, plans may change every round as well.


Nice answer man. It just a game, if you frustated with pvp you can doing collecting, or you can take a break if you lost 5 times in a row. That what i do, and recall what dino make me lose and try to figure something with my team, if needed i change my team.


strategies is a better word. and no i dont win them all.


No what is irrelevant is when you claim the game is disproportionately RNG but do not want to face things that you cannot beat because there isn’t enough RNG to get you over on better teams. Which proves that nothing is broken at all.

There’s a reason so many teams can be 3-400 trophies away from each other and consistently hang in those ranges instead of others. Somehow RNG doesn’t crate too big of swings for them either.


Nonono. EXACTLY 20 more.

You’ve got 2 more to go, you can do it!

Hint: 639x2 and 8764 backwards.

I understand how it may seem that to you. You might get there in a few generations. But don’t get discouraged: hell, there’s still tribes that count 1-2-many, and you here can almost count to 70!



Apparently for people unable to make such decisions in 15-30 seconds it comes down to whether the random button they press is the right one or not.


I hate leaving the game to luck as i get 1in 5 go my way


You should play word scramble, no RNG there😁


This is the issue in this game, you can skill shot Dino’s dna wise without vip, and plan ahead​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: yeah right… I did that and my unqiue fusions went 40 plus with 1 40 3 or 4 30s and all 20s and more then 20+ 10s. I am play to win and to hit so many 10s is a joke including the f word.


With the “play cards” words I would say that JWA is more Poker than Bridge and more Monopoly than Chess. Sure… 90% is pure luck and RND (RNG).


Actually, there are 70 combinations… The formula is 8!/(4!x4!)… Life is a lot simpler when you understand math… :slight_smile: