A question of skill over luck

Now you are edging towards a subject we could discuss. But you brought up skill in your original post and skill increases your chances under the cloud of RNG that we all lie under. It certainly can be debated whether we want more pure RNG or less for the sake of our collective sanity but to claim it negates skill or other factors is dishonest and invalidates that discussion.

Once again if it is “all luck” why do we not see teams of lesser leveled dinos etc at the top of the boards. Because RNG is a factor that effects us all equally, that’s why.


Getting DNA isn’t lucky. It’s work. I’ll admit I don’t get out and hunt as often as I would like, but when I do hunt, I find dinosaurs. You just have to look for them. Darting isn’t lucky, it’s skill. That is how you get DNA. And improving your team is the only way you can guarantee you’ll ger better at the game.


he would still complain if its all the same dinos in a pvp battle.

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Well said.

Also knowing and targeting the locals for what you need and what is productive will exponentially make your hunts better.

It took me too long to figure this out haha. I’ve got an epic scent I’m saving until I can go park at my local zone 1 gas station to try and attract some Sino.


Right; how about an example then; In my last dino it came down to our last 2 dinos each. My stegodeus was on low HP when he brought in a monostegotops on medium. I swapped out into sarcorixis, which was slowed by his Slowing impact but took lower damage thanks to its swap in shield. He then went for nullifying impact and took away my shield and I hit him with lockdown. 1 more hit would win, and then he both crit AND stunned with stunning impact. After that he just finished me with his basic. I put myself in the best position I could at the time and had the win taken by rng. This is just one example but it happens so often; Indominus or monomimus leading against me when I didnt roll any of my 3 nullifiers and proceeding to double or triple dodge me, their last dino being Tryostronix when all I have left are tanks. I’m not so arrogant to say I will only lose to bad luck, but it’s hard to see how a better play could have been made against such bad luck.

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you can look through the “gameplay worth sharing” thread.

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I go hunting every day. I revisit the sites of epic dinos or dinos I need every day, and I have recorded no discernable pattern. They’re either there or they arent. As a result despite playing since July I have still yet to see more than 1 Sinoceratops in the Wild, and have received so little dna from incubators that I only have it at level 14 (purely because of the time there was an event for them). I have only JUST unlocked Tragodistis due to the massive lack of Amargasaurus on my hunts, and the same with Tryostronix thanks to Baryonyx’s scarcity. The darting minigame may involve skill, but finding the dinos you need seems to be all luck.

Holy heck man. What happens to you in the long run will happen to me too if we are at equal levels and we play long enough. I do not care how much your situation bent the odds the odds are that that will happen if we play long enough. The only way to beat the odds is to give yourself a statistical advantage and YES that will pay off. This is now a silly discussion.


Of course the odds hate you in hunting too. It’s everyone but you holding you back we are all just lucky.

I hope your luck increases.

This is not about me, or you. The identity of who is getting their game ruined by rng is irrelevant. If the solution to getting wrecked by bad luck is to make it so you get better luck, so your OPPONENT is the one getting the bad luck, that does not change the fact that luck is determining the outcome. I dont want to win through luck; it’s a hollow victory that makes me feel bad for my opponent.

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hmm sensing lack of experience here. moving on.

Yeah I’m out

I have bounced up and down almost 300 trophies because of this. But you will get that with anything. Yes, there is luck involved, and yes it’s out often frustrating, but I find that leveling my dinos just 1 level can make a difference on a match. Until I go against someone in similar situation to this and I try to learn from it. You should watch some of the videos posted by higher players, they have the same thing happen to them.

I have seen a Sino in the wild once. But I participate in all events and use the resources I can find easily. My Allosaurus is lvl 20 because they spawn like bunnies in my zone. I don’t have all of the legendaries and no uniques. Sometimes you have to find alternate options then the same dinos you see. I have seen some common and rare hybrids being used very effectively in arenas.


On the way out I will note that Amarga is a global spawn and an easy to find dino, Barry is a night spawn while not common can be found at night at the same rate as Rex. Point blank if you cannot find these you are doing it wrong or not looking at the right times. Its you and what you are doing, not RNG.

Luck is everywhere in life. Not sure there is any other way about it. Even pro sports teams have unlucky or lucky breaks. Just the way it is. :woman_shrugging:


i bet he cant stand watching a bball game that ends with a buzzard beater lol.

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Umm no. Life is not random the real world is controlled by cause and effect. A football player who misses a shot doesnt do so because he rolled low on his kick; the accuracy of his shot comes down to his skill, his coordination, his aim, all things he works on to improve. People put things down to luck when they dont know or dont care about the real-world forces that acted on the situation to result in that outcome. Situations that you would say are dependent on chance are always fabricated that way; a dice roll or deck of cards. But if you could measure the variable in a dice roll, if you could observe the shuffling of the deck, you could know the outcome the same as you know what direction a ball will fall if you drop it. The only source of ‘true’ randomness is computer generated algorithms, and even that is debatable as the ‘randomness’ is sourced from an algorithm

By saying luck is everywhere and that’s just the way it is; that just acknowledges that this game is luck, which was my point. Whether it’s me or you or the guy I fought last week who gets unlucky i irrelevant.

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It’s not a great sign of having a strong argument when you’re the first to resort to making personal assumptions about the person you’re disagreeing with

Its mostly RNG/luck for me. Really just now tragoditis with 5% critical chance, actually did 3x critcal attack which really can’t justify 5% critical chance.

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