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A Question Pertaining To Annual VIP

If I get annual VIP membership will I get four velociraptors and a T.rex, or will I just get the T.rex?

do you know
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Sorry, I coudn’t help it. But seriously, do you know?

Do I know what you will get for the annual VIP? No idea since it might be different than what I got almost a year ago (4 velociraptors only). As I’ve mentioned elsewhere though, I would never recommend doing the annual membership and being locked in for a year when they have in that year since I did it both tried to take away benefits, and not fixed a bug that has resulted in many of us not getting the benefits we paid for. I like the VIP membership but those are two cases where I definitely would have suspended it. A few extra dinos and a minimal reduction in cost just not worth it.

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Thanks @Mary_Jo!

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