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A question to Alliance leaders

Just wondering if you are able to see the trophy levels of your applicants?

I had to drop a few players for inactivity, but every new applicant shows 0 trophies, even though some of them have whole teams of legendary and unique dinos.

Is this a bug? It makes it hard to know if applicants meet the min trophy count or not.

For me, I can see their trophy count fine. I take screenshots of everyone’s trophy counts, and on Sunday, kick out anyone who has the same trophy score. It’s been working so far.

No I can’t see trophy levels. Very annoying as I’m trying to assess applicants.

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I ment new applicants, when they apply to join.

I can see my members trophy levels. :slight_smile:

U can’t see them until they’re in

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Yeah, I realized that soon after I posted it by rereading your post. I just let it be so you can correct me :sob:

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Hmm, kind of defeats the purpose, ah well.

Doesn’t make sense, having to let them into the alliance just to see their trophy count, then kick them if they don’t make the cut.

Indeed. Puts people on both sides in an uncomfortable situation.

Guess we just have to decide on Team Strength alone.

Seems like it.

If you are using a discord prior to letting them in, you can ask for a screen grab to show you but if it is blind let in, it is tough.