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Before i Start with my Question, forgive me for grammar or other mistakes, i don’t speak english actually.

I won one of these birds from The gyrosphere Tournament, this Savannah bird (i don’t know it’s name but thats Not important for my Question)
Now i put the bird in Tokio hatch, and realised a few Seconds later that i need Level 40 to build that…“House”. (LV. 35 now)
So my Question is now, what Happens to the bird when it hatches in 2 days. Can i place it in the Park, or does it stay in this “hatch…Thing” until i get to LV. 40 to build that “House”???

Sorry for my Bad english but i don’t know how all these Things are called in english. But i still Hope you know what i meaning.

An interesting question. It used to be that the Cenozoic Biodome and the Aquatic pool were both unlocked whenever you hatched out the first creature to use them. I wonder if that is still the case.

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Thank you for the fast answer. I guess we’ll See what Happens when the bird hatches.
But i will also try to remember that IT IS called cenozoic biodome.


Please keep us posted

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I will Post what Happens.

But i have another Question. Is it worth upgrading the food production further? I already spend 1000 to Upgrade it so it produces 135.000/3h. Should i Upgrade it further, because it costs now 4000.

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Depends on how often u are able to log in and keep the food factory going. Besides that, the trade harbor can be a good source for food. I’m level 85, and haven’t upgraded mine for the 1000 bucks. I rarely am low on food.

As you creatures get better, they get hungrier. Also, if you’re interested in the story missions, which can be a decent source of experience, some of them require x amount of food, so the ability to have a steady food supply is important. While the trade harbor can be quite generous with food, it is very fickle. I go weeks between large food offers and after Sunday’s hatching marathon, I’m lower than I’d like to be.

Eventually, it will be to your benefit to have food production maximized and running 24/7

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When you finish hatching the Ceno bird, you won’t be able to access it or feed it to level it up. Since Aquatic is unlocked at Lv25/Ceno dome at Lv40.

You can collect the EXP when you finish hatching it from the Ceno Dome though and when you reach Lv40, you will be able to level up the bird.

5 more levels should be quick, don’t worry too much about the bird for now, he will still be there when you are Lv40.


Thank you for all these answers. I will Upgrade the food production further, and we also have an answer what will Happen to the cenozoic bird. For now i have the Mission to get 10 Dinos to Level 40. I already have 7, and the 8th is almost ready. Only 2 more then.
I was also wondering If it is useful to have at least 1 LV.40 Dino of each species. For example i have 2 majungasaurus at Level 40,so that when i use one of then to make a hybrid i still have one left. I don’t know why, but i want to have at least 1 of each available species.
I’m sorry for asking sooo many questions.
Also a few days ago i had the Mission to Level Up two specific Dinos, but Not even half an hour before that i got exactly those two Dinos to Level 10…or was it 20? When i got the Mission i was really upset. Had to bis them in the Market. That really Hurt, especially after that Mission was done i got one of those Dinos for free in a Card Pack.
And another Question (again i am verry sorry) many of the Dinos in the Market are still Not unlocked. It Always says “this will be unlocked in a Special Event” or Something Like that. I am now Level 35 and even some of the Common Dinos are still Not unlocked and i Wonder how and when they will be?

Also sorry for the Long Text and Story now.

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All creatures will have some sort of unlock event available for them at some point. Some of them will be through the battle stages, others will be through the weekly unlock offers (typically Monday and Thursday), some will be available through the tournament process, and then hybrids become available once you do a specific fuse of some combination of either creatures or creatures and resources.

This game offers a very wide range of ways to approach the game and so you question about how many level 40s you should have of specific creatures is really up to your personal play style. For me it is about a balanced approach so I attempt to keep similar strength creatures in a variety of classes.


I generally don’t make a hybrid until after I get a second level 40. I did it originally for the same reasons you stated, but it had the additional benefit of keeping my lineup balanced and varied

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As promised i can now confirm that the cenozoic biodome is now available for me with the bird in it. My Level now is 36. AS Sponsor as the bird hatched, the biodome was there.
So you can actually have the cenozoic biodome before reaching Level 40.

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*as soon as the bird hatched.

Autocorrect sorry.

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