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A quick fix about speed boost

Something i don’t understand actually about the boosts is:
Every attack boost give you 2,5 PERCENT of your current attack.
Every Hp boost give you 2,5 PERCENT of your current attack
Every speed boost give you +2 speed point of your current speed.

I would light the spot on speed boost because it is unfair to give point instead of % of the current speed.
Would you agree if every boost attack give you +50 dmg ,no matter what is your current attack?

So ,it is not a definite fix (i would prefer remove completly boosts but)
What is every speed boost give you +1% of your current speed?
Example thor with 20 speed boost would have currently 145 speed (105 +40),With my option:one speed boost would bring him +1,05 speed (yeah,there will be decimals).
So 20 speeds boosts will give him 105 + (1,05 * 20) = 126 max speed. so 20 speed boost bring you 21 points for THOR

For monolometrodon? 125 speed boosts,
Currently: 125 + 40=165 speed boosts max
With my option: 125 + (1,25 * 20) = 150 speed boosts max
20 speed boost bring you 25 points for monolometrodon.

For erlidom?

Currently: 129 + 40 = 169 speed
With my option : 129 + (1,29 * 20) = 154,8 speed
20 speed point give you 25,8 points for erlidom.

I would like to clarify the following point:
This model would make it possible to obtain a creature’s speed DEPENDING on its base speed and no longer an arbitrary speed.
Speedsters will be more difficult to dethrone in their roles and if someone wants to overtake them, they will have to spend more boosts at the expense of their attack and resistance.


I like the idea of having speed boosts be relative to base speed. That way stuff like Thor and Maxima can’t boost themselves up to ridiculous speeds. But I don’t see the game using decimals (they would probably just round with 1 being the minimum possible boost), and with all the percentage resistances and stuff attack strength and probabilities can be challenging enough to calculate without having to worry about decimals. And they couldn’t use the same percentage (2.5%) because then even the slowest dinos would have a rounded speed boost of 3. So I do get why they went with two, it just doesn’t seem fair for slower dinos to get the exact same boost as fast ones.

The problem if you use 2,5 speed is,the amount of speed go over 2,and actually the game can “play” with the 50% deceleration resistance.
But yeah,i don’t get why the slower dino get as much speed as the fasts one.It is unfair and unfill the roles of some creatures.
With my system,some creature will be faster, so “steal” the roles of some others but in detriment of their power.

Maybe if they scaled up the speeds so they were on the same scale as HP or attack (like fastest speed around 5000, slowest speed around 1000 or something), that way they could have speed boost at the same rate as HP or Attack without getting into decimals.

Yeah,that would be a cool idea :smiley:
But a difference between 1000 and 5000 would mean even a deceleration of 50% would not make 5000 slower than 1000

it should just be +1 for speed boosts

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Hmm that’s a good point. They may have to rework deceleration then, or narrow the range of speeds so that it’s proportional to what it is now.

The fact is ,by doing +1,you add one unit and you don’t increase speed by % as atk and hp
It is unfair for speedsters and the faster dinos which have among an average dmg and bad hp.