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A quick look to stun end game

Gemini: 100% stun resistance
Mammolania:100% stun resistance
Grypolyth: 100% stun resistance
Erlidom:100% stun resistance
Ardentis: 100% stun resistance
Magna: 100% stun resistance
Erlikospyx: 67% stun resistance
Pterovexus: 100% stun resistance
Smilonemys: 100% stun resistance
Tenontorex: 67% stun resistance
Diloracheirus: 100% stun resistance
Indoraptor: 100% stun resistance
Testacornibus: 100% stun resistance
Tuoramoloch: 100% stun resistance
Utarinex :75% stun resistance

Quetzorion,tryko,dio,spinoconstrictor,stygidaryx and thor are the only ones who are vulnerable to stun.

We can add phorusaura: 75% resistance
Monolometrodon: 100% stun resistance which we can see end game.

And since the disparition of almost all hadrosaures which used stuns:
The creatures which can use stuns are now:

Acute stun: DC and Dracoceratosaurus
Greater stunning impact: only Monostegotops
Greater stunning strike: Einiasuchus,nasutoceratops,sarcorixis,stegoceratops and triceratops
Immobilize (don’t deal damage but stun):Grypolyth,gryposuchus and sarcorixis
Instant charge: Thor,utarinex,paramoloch,allosino,utasino,sinoceratops,dracorex and stygimoch
Swap in stun: Smilocepha ,smilonemys,phorusaura and pachy
Swap in stunning strike: Monolorhino,monostego,einiosaurus,einiasuchus,nasuto,sinoceratops,stegoceratops,triceratops,triceratops gen2,wooly rhino
Swap in headbutt :Carbotoceratops

So there is almost more users of swap in stun than creatures with Stun itself in the game.
Is there any stun user end game?Do you feel it is still viable??


RInex and DC are pretty good options. tho both aren’t particularly stunners and fill other roles.

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Stun was almost 100% removed after people complaining about STUN RNG issue

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Yeah,they both are very good ,but i feel for rinex,we pick it more for instant damage than the stun itself.
I feel ,because almost nothing fear the stun end game,this mechanism became useless.
Is there anyone which can prove me i am wrong?

Oh yeah,forgot it is the ability which rely the most on luck because except acute stun,it never do it 100% of the time.

Yeah I’m using rinex and i definitely use ic however when I use ic it’s almost always in a role where I’m looking for the damage and if it’s a stunable Dino and happens to get stunned even better but it’s certainly not an expectation.

It ultimately stun and cloak have been put into the same place for the same reason. Rng swings they create.

I’m not a fan of having so many resistances.

Exactly my thoughts.
For rinex or thor,the ic are almost used more for an “instant strike” than the “stun” itself.
I would have done the same about evasion which is into a worst position than stun (which is hard)
But for stun,i don’t remember the last match i saw a creature stun in the ladder.
I almost forget this ability

It’s still pretty viable earlier in the ladder… but down their everything is pretty viable you don’t have entire teams resistant to so many things.

Stuff like this used to be powerful mechanics and then you get into end game where everything has resistance for free.

It’s like a lite version of the immune meta.

Might as well just rework the skills for new mechanics.

I agree,when you play rare tournament or anything else than include some legendaries and uniques.You feel it is very strong.
But end game…It is not complicated:even sarcorixis is play end game not for his 2 stuns but only to deliver one ferocious impact before swaping.
So actually i see:
-Stun have no really use
-Resilience everywhere and all the abilities which could already do it and the nerf of evasive stance nerf destroy evasion
-Resilience is a big nerf to distraction

So maybe now,we can understand why ardentis ,tryko or magna are good…Maybe because only the stats matters.
Getting an ability became useless.All you need to see is if it is a strike,an impact,a rampage or a devastation.

next apex should be a trike.

Remember the days when sino was a legend. Those are over sadly. It was even better than stegoceratops. There are like half as many dinos that ar eimmujne to stun as there are that do stun. It’s kind of sad.

Swap in Stun is trash now as well. My poor baldcats just keep getting nerfed

I feel the mecanism of stun itself no longer have use.
I mean we don’t encounter a lot of swap in stunner (except monolorhino for direct dmg),because stun mecanism have too many counter)

Yeah it has to change. The number of resistant ones has to be reduced.

Yeah, too many resistances added, but IMO we are better now than previous updates.

As you say, IC is more used to get a big damage output rather than stun an enemy (if also stunned, better, of course).